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9 Signs You Are An Emotional Eater…

January 25, 2009 by  
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( As a new year’s resolution, many people decide to lose weight. Many of them get off to a great start, but usually find that they end up becoming their own biggest obstacle. This is because they struggle with the tendency to overeat. It is estimated that 75% of “emotional eating” leads to overeating. Emotional eaters eat to fight negative feelings like stress, boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and/or sadness. How does one determine if they are emotional eaters?

Here are 9 sure signs you are:

SIGN #1 – If many times you eat without realizing you are even putting food into your mouth.

SIGN #2 – If you feel stressed about an important project or issue, you dig into a pint of your favorite ice cream instead of perhaps a hot relaxing bath.

SIGN #3 – If you have negative feelings like anger, guilt, stress or shame after eating.

SIGN #4 – If after eating a “healthy meal” you feel like you deserve dessert.

SIGN #5 – If you crave specific foods quite often.

SIGN #6 – If you are still angry after an argument with a friend, do you have a good cry or instead make some mac’n cheese?

SIGN #7 – If you feel full when eating, do you stop or keep eating until you have the stuffed sensation?

SIGN #8 – If you often eat because you are alone and bored.

SIGN #9 – When you get hungry, instead of taking the time to plan out when and what you will eat, do you feel the urge to eat immediately?

If most of these practices describe your eating pattern, it is highly likely that you are an emotional eater. Now what do you do about it? Fad dieting is not the answer, but rather a comprehensive nutritional program that will balance the body and brain; it’s the closest thing to a cure!

Written By Makeisha Lee

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