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Barack Obama’s Betrayal of the Black Church?

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(Akiit.com) As I write this, Obama has just signed an Executive Order lifting restrictions on Embryonic Stem Cell research, a move he said, rejects the “false choice” between science and morality. As well, it has been just 49 days since the inaguration and already there are grumblings among the voters who supported the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. The ones which amaze me are the cathartic voices of the people of faith who are claiming betrayal, but even more, are the ones that are of the Ecclesiastical Order of the Church in America — Our beloved Clergy! One might ask, ‘why am I astonished at these disillusioned disciples of change?’ My bewilderment is due to what was obvious from the beginning: Barack Obama was never on your side! Never.

What does betrayal mean? Betrayal, is a form of deception or dismissal of prior presumptions; it is the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract — trust and/or confidence — producing moral and psychological conflict within a relationship, amongst individuals, between organizations, or between individuals and organizations. Often betrayal is the act of supporting a rival group; or it can be a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the other. Does that sound like what’s going on? Barack Obama has not betrayed his social contract with his followers, for if you think so, just ask, “Joe the Plumber” who would clearly beg to differ with you!

Obama let all of us know before November 4th, 2008 that socialism was going to be the first order of the day. The stimulus bill should not have surprised you at all. Government getting bigger and bigger is only Obama fulfilling his promise to his constituency for “Change.” A stimulus bill that specifically discriminates against schools by withholding funds, if they provide worship and religious space to groups on their campus, is reflective of a socialist agenda, for remember, it was Karl Marx, father of Maxist Socialism who penned, “Religion is the opium of the masses…” Betrayed?

Is Obama flip-flopping on the moral issues of the day? Let’s see.

Same sex marriage? No, he was an avid supporter of same sex marriage and gay rights during his campaign. To prove his allegiance to the cause, Obama quickly summoned the first recognized Gay Bishop, Gene Robinson, to come to the inauguration (no bible) because the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Society was upset that he had asked Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church in California to pray at the event. No flip-flop there.

Abortion? Obama had a track record on abortion that would put Hillary Clinton to shame and make Jack Kevorkian smile. Barack Obama was, and still is, a staunch supporter of dismembering babies in the womb, my fellow Clergy. He has been faithful to his distinguished record and accomplishments such as voting four times not to give medical attention to infants should they survive an abortive attempt on their lives. Obama’s perspective was, and still is, ‘let them die,’ and, ‘I don’t care that you are leaving them in soiled linen closets and then throwing them in the garbage….’ No, Christendom! Obama’s moral views have not changed.

The recent appointment of Katherine Sebilus, Governor of Kansas, as Secretary of Health and Human Services, confirms Obama’s status as the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history. She who vetoed legislation that would have outlawed coerced abortion, throws parties for abortionists and their staff who major in late-term abortion procedures, one of them being the notorious Dr. George Tiller, who, by his own admission says he has performed over 60,000 abortions and is currently under a 19 count indictment in Katherine Sebilus’ state for giving abortions to underage girls — 16 years and younger. If you are interested in understanding this better, I would suggest you go to www.dr-tiller.com/biography.htm and follow the various links — it’s quite enlightening, to say the least. Sebilus also works in lock step with the leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, and has a voting record on the issue as clear and abysmal as Barack Obama’s. Health and Human Services? The Govenor’s first assignment would be to finagle a way for more tax dollars for Planned Parenthood to expedite the slaughter of innocent babies. CEO of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, is salivating with the greatest of expectations — dare I say, monitary! Support of a rival group? No…Obama’s been a democrat from the beginning and prior to becoming president, was viewed as the most liberal Senator in the congress. Obama gained that distinction long before November 4th, 2008. No betrayal there! So, let’s get to the point of why I am astounded.

Though Obama may have broken a number of campaign promises and vacillated habitually on his methodology, he has been adamantly and unequivocally faithful to his values and sociological ideology. Unfortunately, the Black Church was not! Obama never betrayed his values — we betrayed ours, and by doing so, betrayed God. We betrayed conscience for color; principle for political power; Truth for the promise of Change. Barack Obama is being Barack Obama. It’s like letting the Fox into your henhouse while hoping he becomes a vegetarian. The first man Adam forgot his values and wanted “Change” and with a little prodding from the woman (Oprah), he too, thought there were many ways to get to heaven.

It was a mistake

Like Adam and Eve we are finding out that this is not the promised land.

Written By Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

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