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The Bridge; Violent Women, Part 1…

April 21, 2009 by  
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( Quick question: Who really knows what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Quick answer: Only Chris Brown and Rihanna.

By now, we should all be sick of hearing about the case, but the media won’t stop covering every small detail and society won’t lose interest.

But what we should take more interest in is how domestic violence and other relationship difficulties come from both sides, not just from men. Those difficulties include violence.

While the court of public opinion has been sharply against Chris Brown, we would do ourselves great justice to take a look at the possibility that they were both culpable for the horrible results of their encounter.

Just as we have heard about how viciously Brown beat Rihanna, we have also heard about how she may have initiated the violence with her own acts of violence.

Does that make her wrong and deserving of the ugly beatdown she received? Well, no one is deserving of such violence, but anyone who is violent is wrong, no matter how great or small the violence and no matter if they are male or female.

In today’s society, women can be as violent as men and factually, more women than ever before are being prosecuted for violent crimes against other women and against men. These are not “catfights” where an item of clothing gets burned or torn, but real pathological acts of physical violence requiring legal intervention.

My point? We should be light years beyond the knee-jerk assumption that only women are victims when there is violence.

Even in discussions, some of today’s women are quick to launch visceral attacks against men for the simple crime of disagreeing with what is being said. Those attacks are clearly acts of war, and disturbingly, many people are quick to cast aspersions on men’s actual standing as men in violent situations instead of having real discussions about avoiding violence.

We are now seeing some of the horrible results of Radical Feminist propaganda, which attempted to define male behavior while allowing for “evolutions” in female behavior.

Society has problems which affect both men and women and which stem from both men and women. And, as if in some twisted attempt at parity, more women are now unleashing physical violence.

Sadly, the court of public opinion still leans to casting women as victims in violent situations, even when they initiate the violence.

We are out of balance, even before situations escalate to violence.

Why are people reading this and already believing that I am misogynist or that I am advocating violence against women?

Really, we must begin to ask ourselves some hard questions.

For example, what is there to provide in response to violent behavior and posturing?

If a woman attempts to physically harm a man, why is it a problem for him to defend himself?

The same questions have to be asked where discussions are concerned.

Why would a woman curse a man and call him out of his name, provoking him, yet recoil in horror, crying “misogyny” when men return the same behavior?

The point is that once you start an argument and escalate it with insults, threats and other harmful words of provocation, there are no longer any rules. It is far too easy to escalate to violence.

Part of the problem is a growing number of women who have no idea what being a lady is about, but part of it is that there are a lot of people who are just ignorant and in need of therapy.

In a previous installment of this column, I asserted that many of us are such poor communicators, that we don’t know how to accept divergent views.

From there, we have to realize that many of us also have anger management issues and so are all too quick to assault another human being.

These poor communicators with anger management issues are male AND female.

As a society, we are taught to chastise men for behavior unbecoming of a man, but when we see behavior unbecoming of a woman, why would we respect that? Why would we respect someone who doesn’t respect others?

Where does this come from?

Well, we already know that a great deal of families are raised by single females who either don’t have strong men in their children’s lives, and/or choose not to have such in their own.

This leads grown men to act like tyrannical little boys and grown women to act like, well, tyrannical little boys.

In addition to the absence of male figures, Radical Feminist propaganda has provided for some women to stop focusing on ladylike behavior, while still trying to indict men for failing to exhibit gentleman-like behavior.

This explains why we hear women talk about what a man is supposed to do, what a man is supposed to be, and what a man is supposed to give to them, while shying away from what a woman is supposed to do. The stupidity usually begins with “If you were a real man…”

Those discussions, combined with unresolved pain from relationships with men, and/or rejection by men, prompt many women to begin to act like men as though that provides them with equality.

Witness the behavior of some of these insane creatures when confronting men.

In public, they are quick to yell, scream, fistfight and/or even brandish weapons.

In discussions, they attack with insults designed to cause injury, or worse, physical assault, while still expecting to be treated with chivalry.

Weak men are quick to capitulate and cower in their presence, or retaliate with violent language and/or violent behavior.

Of course, some men are violent for no reason and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But if we fail to take this opportunity to learn about violence from both men and women, we will miss a valuable opportunity to educate our children.

With that education, we can keep some of them from being victims and/or perpetrators of violence, which is leading too many of them to prison and the hospital, and worse.

Written By Darryl James

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