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The Negro cannot win…

May 13, 2009 by  
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( As I’ve written before, “The Negro cannot win if he chooses to sacrifice the future of his children for immediate comfort and safety….” This quote from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King epitomizes the state of Black America and the perpetuation of its demise by the Obama administration. Ironically, and tragically, much of the decimation of the African-American community, by means of betrayal and deceit, is self imposed. This deliberate and systematic discrimination would not flourish if it were not for willing pawns, duplicitous individuals more concerned about personal political gain then the future of the lives they serve. Their culpability is disgraceful and deplorable. The greed for gain by these individuals works to sustain the status quo of destruction; works to ‘sacrifice the future of our children for immediate comfort and safety.’

In this past election, 95% of African-Americans voted for Barack Obama out of ethnic pride and for the promise of Change. I would dare say, none — out of ignorance — who voted, ‘yeah,’ ever expected Obama’s plan would not only continue the present annihilation, but escalate it! Voting for the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in our nation’s history should have been a sign of things to come. 1,786 African American children are killed in the womb of their African American mothers each day. That’s One-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Eighty-Six African-American Babies a day! And 52% of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion (Allan Guttmacher Institute). African-American women now lead the nation in miscarriages due to the weakening of the uterine lining because of multiple abortions. The breast cancer rate has dramatically increased directly due to first time pregnancies ended by abortion. The African American births are beneath the replacement level and still declining (US Census 2006). What’s Obama’s answer to this holocaust?

Obama’s first Executive Order was to reverse the Mexico City policy which prohibited your tax dollars from funding international organizations promoting or performing abortions. Obama’s administration started the process of overturning pro-life conscience protections that would force doctors to perform abortions against their will. He then appointed a flood of abortion advocates to his administration such as, Dawn Johnsen, NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) Legal Director who argued in a Supreme Court brief, restrictions on abortion violate the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition against slavery because, in her words: “…the state has conscripted…” i.e., the pregnant woman’s,“…body for its own ends…”; Ellen Moran and Melody Barnes of Emily’s List, a national political action committee working to elect pro-choice female Democrats; and Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, whose collaboration with Planned Parenthood and the most notorious abortionist in America, George Tiller, is well known. These are just a few of those in Obama’s administration whose radical abortion agenda targets African Americans more than any other ethnic group in America… to ‘sacrifice the future of our children for immediate comfort and safety.’

African-Americans make up 12% of the population but 37% of the abortions. Why? Because the self-serving political pawns of the African-American community continue to turn a blind eye, tacitly supporting this genocide in our country for their own immediate aggrandizement of power thus securing the safety of their own reelections. For in choosing Obama, and his agenda, we are choosing to sacrifice our children for the promise of comfort and safety. As it is always when this argument comes up, there are those who would say, “…worry about the ones who are here.” A case in point: one of the most absurd comments I ever heard from supposedly pro-life Senator Bob Casey when questioned about Obama’s radical abortion record was, “I don’t know about Barak Obama and the first nine months, but I know of his good things for children after that.” Can you believe Casey said that? No one should dignify that question with a response but I will here with an observation from the District of Columbia.

These are children after nine months and were successfully navigating a ravaged Urban Community where the AIDs rate is higher than West Africa and is rated one of the worst public education school systems in the country. These children were predominately African-American that had escaped the ‘genocide of the minds of our youth’ in the District of Columbia, by a public school system which over the years has compromised thousands of the destinies of black youth. When Obama could have helped these, he refused. Obama, who said, let us do what is right for the kids, did what was right for Obama, and the self serving Democrats, some of whom are black and were more concerned about getting Teacher Union dollars ($55,794,000) for their reelection campaigns than serving the children they represent. The program, which all data proved was working, was denied. Why? Once again, for the immediate comfort and safety of a Democrat Congress which could care less about the plight of these urban children, while their own children, including Obama’s, attend private schools. Some of these kids abandoned are in the school Obama’s children attend. This is sad.

Now for the dagger in the back! The same time the decision was made to end this productive life changing school voucher program for minority children in DC, the Obama administration announced it was sending 50 million dollars, the same cost of the DC Voucher program, to the UN population agency which stands for “Less Negro’s in Africa,” all with the approval of congress. This is outrageous! This organization promotes abortion globally and shares the same offices with the Chinese population control officials who enforce the one-child rule in China via forced abortions. Once again, Dr. King was right: the appalling greed for gain by these individuals works to ‘sacrifice the future of our children for immediate comfort and safety.’

No, the Negro cannot win, nor America for that matter, with an administration that is expediting the demise of African-Americans and stripping away that which is good, all in the name of “Change” which is mostly much of the same, and in some cases, much that is far worse.

Written By Clenard Childress

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