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Press Release; Jollity House Releases Board Game Based on Black Women…

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( Denton, Texas, May 20, 2009 – After years of development and countlessdelays, Jollity House Games has finally released a fun yet poignant newboard game boldly titled “The Pleasures and Perils of 5 Coloredgirls“. More comparable to riveting literature than competition, the game exposesand celebrates the unique experiences of women – primarily AfricanAmericans. Jollity House – the company that produces the game – expects itwill become a staple of women’s book clubs.

Despite first impression, the name is not a reference to race. Rather, itrepresents the game’s colorful cast of characters – Aunt Violet, SisterGreen, Princess Yellow, Mama Red and Lovely Cousin Blue – fivedivas-in-waiting whose action-packed lives unfold as the game progresses.Though crammed with options and variations, the game’s basic concept issimple: Players travel a yellow brick road in search of personalfulfillment. While doing so, they must avoid ruts, lifestyle glitches,various social inequities, and the antics of “Ray-Ray ‘nem.”

Each player assumes the role of a fragmented woman destined to spend herlife making mundane decisions. However, every decision produces alife-changing consequence – some good, some not so good, and some that arejust plain crazy. Driven by a pursuit for wholeness, each character’sflaws and finer qualities emerge as players create strategies and schemesto survive, excel, and make themselves whole – if necessary, at someoneelse’s expense.

To win, players must outwit adversaries; survive outrageous adventures;juggle gossip, bills, church and children; and harness the challenges oflove. Meanwhile, rules change, men come and go; inequities surface; andcash doesn’t always flow.

D. J. Norman-Cox, owner of Jollity House and creator of 5 Coloredgirls said “A tremendous amount of effort was expended to make the gameengaging, informative, entertaining and respectful.” Calling the gamecomprehensive is an understatement. On the lighter side, unwanted men arediscarded at a recycle bin, catfights occur when multiple players attemptto occupy the same spot, hairstyle determines how each round is played andplayers who morph into divas enjoy a different set of rules. On theheavier side, the game addresses sexism, racism, promiscuity, violence,abortion, ageism, and poverty, etc.

According to Cox, the paradox created by the game’s name is easilyexplainable. He said, “Behaviors and conditions common to all women arepackaged and delivered in terminologies and experiences that aretraditionally African American. In turn, for some, the game is a fun andfunny dance down memory lane. For others, it’s a history lesson.”

A less explainable paradox is that this comprehensive and revealing studyof women was created by a man. Laughing, Cox said, “They left the curtainsopen and I looked in. This game represents what I saw.”

The Pleasures and Perils of 5 Coloredgirls was created for the enjoymentof adults. Subject matter includes topics that may be inappropriate forchildren. The game may be purchased exclusively on its website: The cost is $29.99 plus shipping.

Donald J. Norman-CoxOwner – Jollity House Games
Official Website;

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