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Youth Murders‏…

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( I, as a pastor. have conducted the funerals of many black youth in my wonderful Queen City of the South, New Orleans.

The Majority of Americans are heartbroken and in wonder concerning the senseless murder rate of our youth.

I have been given the reason why a larger number of murders are occurring in our nation. It is because a false distortion process is being perpetrated on our children. This process creates a mental disorder of delusion and bad conduct. It amputates love and respect for man and woman kind.

It over stimulates the cerebral cortex cells which transmit the impulses of overreaction and emotions and suppresses the higher level of the brain which controls and restrains excessive behavior. The wrong messages, impulses, and wishes overwhelm the central system, and the body’s muscles and glands respond.

But, the worst effect is hallucination often occurs as one of the side effects.

Hallucination is the trigger that kills.

Our over active children are in need of more recreation and therapy, not the monster drug the medical industry created, and it’s name is Ritalin. Let’s begin researching to see how many of our children were and are on this monster drug, and who invented it and their background.

Ritalin diffuses through the brain and nervous system. It is like drops of ink in a cup of water.

Let’s come together, America, and conquer this monster

May God help us out of this Holocaust called Ritalin.

Written By Marie Galatas

720 Gen. Taylor
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 895-0004, (504) 723-0500

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