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Straight No Chaser: Drew’s Disciples…

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( You can’t convince me USA Today’s Drew Sharp does not understand, by suggesting Mike Vick be not allowed to play in the NFL this upcoming 2009 season.

Sharp’s doing all the heavy lifting for a segment of American society which hates what Vick represents, i.e., the Black athlete, the Black Field General, the Black man.

This never ending hate for Vick isn’t about the love of four-legged dogs, but more about the man’s skin color.

Mr. Sharp is wrong from the start of a column he penned on 5/20/09 where he advocates the NFL keep Michael Vick sidelined; he opens with “We are a forgiving people, just not a forgetful people,” speaking of the American people.

Sharp’s dramatic summation of Americans is wrong. There’s no “we” in USA . Vick, like O.J., graphically, and all so dramatically illustrates, in vivid glorious hi-defined Techni-Color – today still, this nation is a 1953 Black and White movie.

“We” ignore’s the real world. States like Idaho, South Dakota and Carolina are moving towards secession from the union. Sharp’s characterization forgets this new president has received more death threats then Dr. King and Malcolm X combined.

We.” You must be kidding Drew!

Sharp appears to be about as sharp . . . as a bowling ball.

Here, let me go where most In-House Negroes refuse to go, where Sharp knows his Black-ass better not ever go – and merely tell the truth. The national ire over Vick, has much more to do with, not dog fighting . . .

This nation of meat eating hunters is not that repulsed by killing innocent animals, but rather penalizing another Black man to the full extent of the law is the motivation.

No one is shocked, shocked to find out Vick was gambling on dog-fights. This is a chance to teach an arrogant Black man what his “place” is, and what this system does to uppity Niggers.

See the latest Sin City trail for O.J . . . . That was suppose to let Black folks know, “you can run but you can’t hide boy.”

Vick’s sunrise hangin’ reflects a White backlash; a seeking of extreme retribution, enhanced because Vick is an NFL Quarterback, and that position is central for White men in depicting themselves as born alpha-males.

The make-believe, pretend domination White guys have maintained over the “thinking mans position” must be held . . . at all cost. There “rep” is at stake. Sharp is, evidently willing to say and write all the right things, making himself available to be pimped and exploited.

He knows, like Jason Whitlock knows if they don’t say all the “Right” stuff, neither will have, as my grandmother would say ” a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of.”

Check out the sports blogs, the message boards at ESPN or Yahoo Sports, and you’ll read, over and over again how Vick can’t come back as a QB, no, he has to be a “Receiver” or “Running back.”

And now, like Pat White, #7 is idea for the “Wildcat” package. His rank, his status downgraded. As if white boys “let” him play QB. As if the position is their’s to dole out as they see fit. A demotion

Insecure, paranoid pretenders, attempting to keep this phoney athletic extension of their small penises by weeding-out, excluding the riff-raff . . . their prime competition.

Seriously, it’s a redundant drum beat – angry White men, wanting the “gift” of playing QB, revoked. Because, after-all, for half-a-century the national pastime – American football declared Black men “not intelligent enough” to orchestrate an offense, unable to decipher defenses, unfit to lead men, especially White boys, into battle.

Have White guys tell it . . . Black men should have been on the yellow brick road to Oz, seeking a heart, courage and a brain. Not to mention a plane ticket not to Kansas, but Kenya.

Vick’s the two-headed monster from the Black Lagoon; First White sportsfans, who think like Rush Limbaugh, and basically despise Afro-Americans, hated Vick for the threat he posed to their mythical domination of the “golden Boy” position.

As I’ve said a ga-zillion times, when a cat like Vick is successful, there goes the neighborhood. The QB position, the skills it will then demand, will be out-of-reach for the White athlete, as the Running Back, Receiver and Corner Back position are today.

Secondly, Vick serves as the neanderthal gridiron gladiator. A barbaric Ebony Conan poster-thug – held up to jock-haters and tree huggers across the country -” look Mary, the big-shot asshole who took your lunch in sixth grade, took your ball in seventh grade, took your girl in 10th grade . . . .”

Not to mention, Vick harkens White folks back to another Black football player who betrayed the trust they’d placed in him . . . OJ.

Mike Vick and O.J.: Two tragedies showcasing the absolute arrogance of White folks. In both cases what we’re witnessing is pure, unfiltered arrogance; think about it – the Simi Valley verdict, in the lesser civil case, is the decision White America respects.

No question OJ is a convicted murderer.

The deeper, heavier criminal case, which results in imprisonment, i.e. anal gang rapes, beatings, shankings, confinement . . . horrible food. Criminal court, where the verdict was rendered by a jury composed of . . . a bunch of “nappy headed hoes,” and this jury, looking like OJ’s momma’s peers – found the Juice “not guilty.”

An act which is still to this day “simply unacceptable” to 90% of White America

It’s common knowledge that same majority – flip’s the middle finger to the South-Central outcome , and they deem OJ found guilty. That’s arrogance. Over-ride “your” famed legal system because you did not like their findings.

Presumably only White people have the rare ability to set aside emotions, and determine the role of race in any facet of American life. The rest of us colored people are still just too emotional to determine the presence or role of race or gender in America.

Don’t drive by this; only the guy who oppressed, pillaged and raped, in the name of racial superiority is cable of being racially neutral. Gimmie’ a freakin’ break! Its arrogance.

But back to Vick; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have said Vick doesn’t deserve to return to his craft until he passes “psychological tests” proving he is capable of feeling “genuine remorse.”

Goodell’s of course going to pacify these nuts – who would be stumped over who first to get out of a burning house – the puppy or the baby . . . ? The Commissioner’s going to perform open heart surgery on Vick himself, he’s been preparing for weeks now

Commish Goodell’s coming straight out of a Sante Fe Spa, where he spent time being groomed by renowned Negro Whisperers Bill Clinton and Sting. In long video conferences with Bill Parcels and MM – not the candy, the blue-eyed gangster rapper.

He spent time on Catalina Island, channeling the spirits of Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason, all White men blessed with that unique ability to communicate with Black people, “talk to the human-animals,” ala Dr Doolittle . . . .

All this . . . in an effort to amass the skills to peer into Mike Vick’s black soul, decipher thru his natural criminal nature to lie and cheat, and determine if this Black boy is truly, really sorry for his dastardly deeds.

Would that be arrogant?

I don’t have to attend a three-day seminar, in Philadelphia Mississippi or on Stone Mountain Georgia to be a “Redneck Whisperer” – to grasp the simplicity in what motivates white America to believe they have the authority and ability to do this . . . .

It’s their pompousness. Additionally, they’ve got Mr’ Sharp’s dull point to insert in the Vick debate as exhibit F; “Is Vick truly appreciative of all he’s lost?”

Sharp said “Prove it now that he’s out of jail. Have him spend another year as an average layman earning modest wages trying to make ends meet. Test his tenacity in maintaining his football conditioning while working a regular 9-to-5 job.”

Let’s see Drew get caught at Rooster Fights, where he owns a few, gambles on the outcomes of the death matches, and brutally “rings their necks” after they loose.

After he pays his price to society, because it’s illegal, and the Feds take everything . . . you’re telling me Drew – you wouldn’t want to get out and . . . write – and they shouldn’t let you . . . just to extend the punishment.

To insult you and make you feel . . . .

What? Worse then the time you just spent in jail for cock fighting? Just to make you flip burgers, so you understand the severity of taking lightly, the taking of a chicken’s life.

Dan Patrick, and the object of his man luv, Rush Limbaugh thank you Mr Sharp for the cover-fire. For camouflaging their bias attacks on Vick . . . in your black skin.

Written By Desi Cortez

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