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Racial Vandalism on the Black Community…

June 3, 2009 by  
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( As we all know recently a white woman claimed that she was kidnapped along with her daughter by two black men. When in fact she was leaving town and taking her daughter on vacation after taking money from her family. This along with all the other cases of white women claiming “a black man did it” needs to be stopped. These lies lead investigators into frenzies that tampers with the security of many an innocent black man. And when the dust settles and it is found out that she herself committed the crime there is no apology, remorse, or even a slap on the wrist ever issued!

Nor does the black population of men ever receive any reparations of the damage from the lie whatsoever from any of these women that commit this act. These people of the white population are holding onto and creating more untruths, and have no second thought about lying on a part of the population that suffered so much already, and the white population already holds a horrid history of abuse, oppression, anger, fear, and injustice towards blacks but are being allowed to continue to leave the feeling that is is a very acceptable practice and okay to do.

I like many, many others am really tired of whites using “the black man did it” against black men, especially when it was they themselves committing the crimes! Enough is enough already. During this day and age this practice needs to be abolished, we now have a black president which is the ultimate proof that our culture, our dignity, an our standards should be seen as an all time high in the eyes of ALL others. But, the underlying fact is the segment of the white population being allowed to see blacks as perpetrators and bad it’s just not fair and needs to be stopped. My suggestion is to create a law that whenever a white person, or any person uses “the black man did it” and it is found out to be a lie that they have broken the law, they must issue a public apology, and face jail time.

I am not sure I am writing to the right area about this concern, but I needed to vent to someone. Please if at all possible could this be forwarded to the right area, club, commission, organization? I just really feel this needs some serious looking into and justice, the acts of these women and the countless other reports like this that go unpublished brings fear to my heart for my sons as well as other black men who are clean, polite, and mature. Things like this brings unnecessary wrong attention to an entire community of upstanding citizens and should not be allowed anymore without legal consequence.

Someone against the “The black man did it” practice,
Kelley M.

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