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(Akiit.com) We need to realize that we ourselves can choose to a considerable degree how healthy we want to be and how long we want to live in good health or, alternatively, which diseases we are willing to accept for the comfort of satisfying our present taste preferences, and maintaining potentially harmful living habits.

People in our Western society are rarely healthy. Real health – the perfect functioning of all parts of body and mind – is so rare that people mistake the temporary absence of disease symptoms for health. In the past, people suffered mainly from violent, but short infectious diseases; now they are afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases for a lifetime.

Up to 30 per cent of the volume of cells in adults may be filled with waste material, usually called ‘old-age pigments’. This is comparable to 30 per cent of a city or a household being filled with refuse dumps. Just as dumps become infested with rodents and insects, the waste accumulations in the body provide favorable breeding-grounds for microbes and parasites.

Infections are healing efforts of the body designed to destroy any foreign invaders in addition to reducing the heavy load of toxic and obstructive residues (mucus) accumulated in the body. If the body is still reasonably strong, it fights these invaders and simultaneously reduces the load of stored wastes. This is experienced as an acute (sudden and severe) infection, often in the form of a cold or fever. However, as the body becomes weaker and the amount of stored wastes increases the body does not fight any more. It will be content with limiting the invasion to a certain part of the body and chronic (low-key but long-lasting) infection results.

Finally, the immune system becomes too weak to limit the chronic invasion and it becomes more generalized as in autoimmune diseases, cancer and leukemia.

The main problem foods in our society are:

    1. Sweet foods, especially household sugar

    2. Hydrogenated fats (for example margarine) or heated oils and fats

    3. Stimulants: overuse of alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco and drugs

These three groups should generally be used sparingly. In addition, any food that contains pesticide residues, preservatives, additives, or added synthetic food chemicals is a potential health hazard. I do not believe in a safe limit for these chemicals, especially as limits are set for each item individually while ignoring the cumulative effect of multiple chemical residues and additions.

With the present poor eating habits deeply ingrained in our society and the all-out chemicalization of our lives it is almost impossible to remain reasonably healthy – and very few people do. Statistics showing increased life expectancy due to greatly reduced infant mortality are irrelevant for judging the health of a population. More relevant statistics show that most people in Western countries suffer from chronic diseases and that the percentage of chronically disabled people is increasing rapidly. Arthritis, cancer and Parkinson’s disease used to be diseases of old people. Now they are affecting children and juveniles.

The first and most important step in reversing the deterioration of your health is to realize that you may have caused it yourself. Because of ignorance and habit, we select the wrong foods; because of laziness, we do not exercise; because of lack of self-control, we create destructive emotions. Therefore, only the realization that poor health is the result of a lifetime of wrong living – including the living habits of our parents – can initiate a real change for the better.

Nutrition was the main tool with which I helped my clients overcome a wide range of diseases claimed to be medically incurable. Unnatural nutrition is one of the major causes of our diseases, while natural nutrition is an equally powerful agent in curing these diseases, and rejuvenating our body.

Most of our commonly eaten food contributes to gradual health deterioration, and the development of chronic diseases. This is a main reason why there is such a high incidence of chronic degenerative disease in our society.

Diet rules are designed to guide us towards healthier eating habits. There are different schools of nutrition, which do not always agree on the same principles and sometimes even contradict each other, just as in politics, religion and other areas of human endeavor. For the successful elimination of diseases, I have found that the less ideal the patient’s diet was, the more specific the remedies, supplements, or other therapies needed to be. Conversely, on an ideal diet, specific interventions could be kept to a minimum. I have also noticed that the different nutritional requirements between the various metabolic types begin to disappear when an ideal natural diet is adopted and all can eat similar food, although in different proportions.

Changing our diet to an ideal natural one requires a considerable shift in eating habits, and re-educating our taste buds. It often also requires greatly increased time and energy for food preparation. For most of us this is not easy. While some take to it enthusiastically, others need to be driven by the hope to overcome a debilitating disease, and most are content to make just minor adjustments or gradual improvements as a preventive measure or to overcome an existing health problem. Therefore, I use a graded approach with a high-quality diet for gradual health improvement and maintenance of good health, and a raw-food diet for maximum healing, rejuvenation and maintenance of optimal health into old age.

Remember, I’m not a doctor. I just sound like one.

Take good care of yourself and live the best life possible!

This column is intended for informational purposes only. If you have a medical concern, please see your health provider…

Written By Glenn Ellis

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