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Black vs. Brown…

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( Is there a war between African American and Mexican Americans in the US?

Throughout the history of this country that we call the United States of America, there have been several internal conflicts that we call Civil Wars. In the early 21st century, many of America’s inner cities are engaged in a new Civil War; black vs. brown. A conflict, that’s rooted in a lack of knowledge of self, has caused the death of thousands of young Americans. Initially during the 1800’s, Africans and Mexicans had fairly good relationships. During American slavery many blacks would escape their plantations in the south and migrate to places like Southern California where Mexicans lived and flourished for centuries. Unbeknownst to many, the two cultures shared the land, allowed each other into their respected clubs and organizations, and even had intermarriage. Currently, in many places including East L.A, the love between the two cultures has turned to hate. One reason for this is the modern gang epidemic, where many of today’s gangs limit membership to members of their own race. Take for example Houston, Texas where the all Mexican gang called Tango Blast is at war with an all black gang called the Cripz. This American gang epidemic which started in the early 1900’s has grown at an alarming rate. In California alone there are 200 black gangs and 500 Mexican or Latino gangs totaling over 500,000 members. The hate this gang epidemic helped produce has now spread to law abiding citizens of both cultures, hence the term Civil War.

Telling Evidence

In 2007 in South Central, L.A, blacks had a march where thousands came out to express their concerns about Mexican Americans. The theme of the march was labeled illegal immigration. Blacks felt that Mexicans were taking their jobs and were turning their communities into Spanish speaking communities. I ask you the reader these questions? Why have blacks in L.A. allowed their community businesses to be controlled by Spanish immigrants? Why are blacks still fighting for minimum wage jobs many Mexican Americans are working? One participant in the march, a retired teacher, said, “It’s hard to shop at the community grocery store because the cashier does not speak English.” Many scholars including the great John Henrik Clarke believe that this is an epidemic of ethnic cleansing. Others believe it is a reaction to the separation tactic used by many war bound parties against its foe.

The negative spirit many men, women, and children of all colors have allowed into their minds and bodies has caused the projection of blame. This is defined as blaming the victim for their problems. The illegal immigration issues had some valid points; however people should never hide behind illegal immigration to speak hate for another people. We must all see that realistically, we all want the same basic freedom America is supposed to give its citizens. Not all Mexican Americans and African Americans hate each other and when you study this problem you can see that there are people joining together to fight against this new Civil War. What some places like east L.A. is showing the world is that if we don’t pay more attention to this growing problem it will continue to spin out of control. These two respected cultures can gain some sense of strength through analyzing how the gang truce of L.A. in 1965 was orchestrated. Through love and the true understanding of the problems, the gang truce helped both races see that the problems are the same for both cultures. The result was momentary peace and although the truce was eventually broken, many in the black community believe by planted infiltrators, this is the one of the few gang truces in American history that lasted for a significant amount of time between Mexican and Black gangs.

Replica street gangs in South America, London, and Canada, are a clear sign that America must wake up and see that there is a new Civil War in the inner city streets and do something about it. All Americans must understand the mis-use of technology is one reason this gang epidemic is spreading like a cancer which does nothing but brings death and destruction from an illusion based love of your gang affiliation. Coming from the darkness to the light is no easy task but history shows it can be done. Blacks and Browns must realize that WE ARE ONE; a part of the human species which needs the same elements to survive. Dr Cheikh Anta Diop, the great historian once said, “The brains frontal lobe of all man is the same.” No longer is it OK to sit back and do nothing about the things that separate one race from the next. No one with a clear conscious wants their children to suffer from a Civil War which is really an offspring of delusional thinking which will continue to reciprocate if we as Americans don’t do something about it now.

Written By Steve Johnson

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