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An Annual Assessment with a New View…

October 15, 2009 by  
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( It’s that time of the year, again.

I use the term “again” not with chagrin or any reticence but with gratitude and thankfulness.

It’s my birthday and I’ve got that “kidlike excitement” as I celebrate the entire month of October because it’s the only time of the year I pause and take a moment out of my hurried existence to celebrate “me” and the incredible life I’ve been given to live on the planet.

One thing I will never stop is the shameless invitations for birthday wishes because it feels good. So if you haven’t weighed in, please do. The month is quickly coming to a close and I want to hear from you.

It’s been a year of many personal, intellectual, financial, emotional, physical and spiritual changes. But it’s all good and all a part of life’s cycle as I ascend through life.

I’ve had to do some pruning and purging of people, attitudes, beliefs, things and just plain old clutter. Are there some regrets and sighs? Sure, but it is well with my soul because after all life is an ascent and when I look back over the past twelve months I’ve climbed a little higher after getting rid of the extra weight, literally and figuratively – hallelujah.

The sobering reality about birthdays when you are a “grown folk” is that they make you take inventory of your life. It’s a time that makes you (and dare I say others around you) take a look at your “personal balance sheet” – because we ALL have one – and assess your self-worth in terms of “dollars and sense.” The unspoken question that reverberates within your soul around the anniversary of your birth is this: What have you done with your life in the past year? Where are you on the continuum of life? Has the mark moved any since last year? If it has, in which direction?

I’ve done my personal analysis of the past twelve months. The results are favorable and I give myself a few “happy faces.” But I still have a lot of work to do.

This year I’ve asked myself a new question: What are the five things I know to be true about me at this milepost in the journey? Here’s my first attempt at answering this new question:

1. The presence of God has been incredibly essential in my life this year. I’ve never prayed more or sought divine guidance more in my life. The sacred scripture says, “goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” I’ve decided to slow down and let them catch me.

2. My family has been a great source of comfort and contentment. My life has been dizzying this past year, but when I am in the presence of my family they imbue me with a sense of calm and unconditional acceptance. They have been my refuge and I thank them.

3. Truth and honesty haven been my rite of passage. I’ve had to be unceremoniously honest about my feelings, concerns and disappointments about things that have lingered unaddressed too long. It hasn’t been comfortable but necessary – ouch.

4. I am inspired. A few years ago at a party I selected a random affirmation stone from a glass jar. The affirmation inscribed on the stone was the word “inspire.” It’s a quality that I’ve seen in abundance this year in terms of wanting to be an inspiration to others, and experiencing my own inspiration to do more, to be more and to be the best version of me I can be. That inspiration is poised to return great dividends next year. I am excited about the imminent possibilities.

5. I am a stone cold “foodie.” I love creative, exotic and fearless cooking. I read recipe books like bestselling novels. I love trying new cuisine and have no boundaries in its pursuit. I’ve never wanted to embrace this “traditional” side of me. But no more – I embrace my “inner foodie” completely. In fact I’ve been driven to work on my own cookbook and I’ve developed my own gourmet spice rub and seasoning that I can’t wait to launch. Stay tuned.

Birthdays come and birthdays go. But when we look back on the past year, what is it that we know? I offer this rhyme because I’ve run out of time (well actually space because I’ve exceed my word count – but heck it’s my birthday). Thank you for indulging me today and thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Written By Veronica Hendrix

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