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The Rules of Exchange…

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( Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about a primary result of Radical Feminist propaganda—The Bitter Woman.

Of course, bitter women abounded to launch attacks on me, alleging misogyny, while refusing to pay attention to their own misandry.

But Radical Feminist propaganda and its assault on love, family and traditional sexual roles are a part of reality, whether some choose to ignore them or not.

Some of the fallout from Radical Feminism includes confusion in male/female behavior. Radical Feminism has fooled some women into thinking that the route to being equal to men is to actually become men.

This includes adopting a number of poor social behaviors that really aren’t acceptable from men, including plentiful detached sexual activity and a proclivity towards violence and violent posturing.

Confusion in traditional gender behavior has caused a marked change in the rules of exchange.

In today’s society, more women are being prosecuted for violent crimes against other women and against men. These are not “catfights” where an item of clothing gets burned or torn, but real pathological acts of physical violence requiring police intervention.

And even in discussions, some of today’s so-called women are quick to launch visceral attacks against men for the simple crime of disagreeing with what is being said. Those attacks are clearly acts of war, but disturbingly, they cast aspersions on men’s sexuality and/or actual standing as men instead of having real discussion.

Ignoring them or taking the high road is only making things worse, because it gives them the illusion that their behavior is acceptable.

I have no problem returning the hatred when it is launched because I know where it some of it comes from.

The sad fact is that for the past forty years, Radical Feminism has waged an all-out assault on men and male behavior.

Radical Feminism has attempted to define male behavior and that has failed. It failed because there are too many real men still left who are defining themselves, while rejecting definitions from outside.

Radical Feminism attempted to define male behavior while allowing for “evolutions” in female behavior. It failed because it is hypocritical and silly.

For example, men often hear how things would improve if men only got themselves together, as though women have no problems.

But society has problems, which affect both men and women. As if in some twisted attempt at parity, more women are unleashing physical violence.

And, sometimes, even when men disagree with women in “safe” places like the internet, the so-called females attack men and attack their behavior as well as their sexuality when disagreeing. These same females recoil in horror, crying “misogyny” when men call them “bitches.”

But, really what else is there to provide in response to violent behavior and posturing?

If a woman attempts to physically harm a man, why is it a problem for him to defend himself?

The same question has to be asked where discussions are concerned.

The point is that once you start an argument and escalate it with insults, there are no longer any rules. There is very little difference, in say, calling a man a “fag,” and calling that manly so-called female a “bitch.”

Most of the time, the hatred men draw comes from the lack of self-love that the so-called female is projecting.

Part of the problem is a growing number of women who have no idea what being feminine is about, but part of it is that there are now a generation of men and women who were raised with blurred lines of sexual behavior. There are a growing number of men who have no idea what being masculine is about, yet both of the pools of confused genders still talk incessantly about being “real” men and “real” women.

In addition, many people today, after having been severely dumbed down are such poor communicators, that they don’t know how to accept divergent views. Instead, they focus on trying to convince the other person that they are wrong.

Typically, men shy away from discussions of relationships, because of what it has become. Too frequently, such interactions disintegrate into chaos and an exchange of insults.

In my case, foolish women who disagree with me launch verbal insults and threats, instead of disagreeing and then proving me wrong with evidence. Typically, these so-called females are cowardly, in addition to ignorant. If there is only one, they will eventually turn and run. But if there are multiples, they attack like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Their ignorance shines brightly, because for them, there are only two answers when they disagree with a man—that he hates Black women or that he is gay. Really? How enlightening.

When we see behavior unbecoming of a woman, why would we respect that? Why would we respect someone who doesn’t respect others?

There’s a reason for the word “bitch,” and while some women want to abolish it, others are now using it to toss at men.

Where does this come from?

Well, we already know that a great deal of families are raised by single females who either don’t have strong men in their children’s lives, and/or choose not to have such in their own.

But in addition, Radical Feminism has provided for Black women to do something that they previously never did, or we would have been over as a race a long time ago.

Radical Feminism has provided for some so-called women to stop focusing on ladylike behavior, while trying to jam their dreamed-up concepts of manhood down our throats.

This explains why we hear women talk about what a man is supposed to do, what a man is supposed to be, and what a man is supposed to give to them, while shying away from what a woman is supposed to do. The stupidity usually begins with “If you were a real man…”

Radical Feminism has also called for women to discuss and define men and male behavior in the absence of men. They take these twisted definitions to their male children, their dysfunctional relationships with weak-hearted men and into unproductive discussions with solid and stable men.

Only a sane woman with solid relationships with the men in her life will understand how irrational and pointless these discussions are.

If a group of so-called females have no positive relationships with men, how can they define men or male behavior?

And, if they have no positive relationships with men, the only result will be negative concepts of men and male behavior in those discussions.

Those discussions, combined with unresolved pain from relationships with men, and/or rejection by men, allow these so-called females to begin to act like men.

Witness the behavior of these insane creatures when confronting men.

In public, they are quick to fistfight or brandish weapons.

In discussions, they attack with insults designed to cause injury, while still expecting to be treated with chivalry.

Those insults are typically unresponsive to the actual subject matter, and in these situations, there will be no real exchange of ideas and information.

Weak men are quick to capitulate and cower in their presence.

Strong men are quick to do what men d ignore these childlike fools where possible, or when avoidance is impossible, defend themselves. In defending themselves, of course, violence can escalate to lethal proportions. In arguments, the word “bitch” can be hurled, along with an assortment of labels that actually fit, thank you.

And, the response of the so-called females who have launched the war in the first place is to make up rules.

Those rules, while ignoring that the so-called female took the first jab, require that men still respect their womanhood—even if their womanhood is non-existent.

The answer? Simple: Grown women need to keep it cool to begin with when dealing with level-headed men who have not harmed them or insulted them.

No human—male or female—should have to withstand violent attacks.

And really, no man who is a man should have to tolerate a simple-minded so-called female attacking his manhood simply because she hates men and wants to act like one when she disagrees.

Taking the high road and/or shying away from this discussion is leading to a whole host of poor social behaviors, for which a growing number of women are being prosecuted and jailed for.

Again, I do preach that people should honor and respect the Black woman. But I also preach that some of them are not worthy of respect when they are not being respectful. I am open, honest and clear about that.

I am also honest, open and clear when I admonish men to avoid these women at all costs. Interaction with them in public can cost you your freedom.

But there are men who will take the punches and return them.

And there are men who will take the insults and bring the noise.

So, attention, manly women: Keep your hands to yourself or take your beating like a man and your imprisonment like a criminal.

And, in discussions, disagree with respect and we can have an enlightening exchange.

If you alter the rules of exchange, please understand that we all will.

Written By Darryl James

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