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The Bridge: The Art of Manhating…

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( There is a certain irony in listening to white men complain of being “oppressed.” Essentially, they hate on nearly every group that is unlike themselves, yet complain about being hated.

Some Black women are following that lead.

While hating on Black men at every turn, a specific type of Black woman (angry, bitter and crazy as hell) claims that ALL Black men hate ALL Black women.

At the end of any discussion on the problems between the sexes, this type of Black woman rages against what she perceives as hatred of all Black women.

The sad irony is that she does it with hatred against all Black men.

Instead of focusing on ways for Black men and women to get around our difficulties, this type of Black woman only wants to discuss the “reasons” why Black men “hate” and have “abandoned” Black women.

I am tired of seeing stories with the following themes: “Do Black Men Still Love Black Women?” “Are Black Men Abandoning Black Women And Children?” And “Life Without Black Men.”

Typically, these discussions are launched by Black women and typically launched in the absence of Black men.

Of course there are Black men who don’t love Black women and even some Black men who have abandoned their women and families, but unless we are going to discuss the Black women who do not love Black men and the Black women who have abandoned their men and families, the discussions are counterproductive.

Primarily, they are counterproductive, because such stories and discussions take gargantuan leaps of logic in order to make their weak premises make sense.

For example, we hear nutty women claim that Black men no longer protect Black women, but have we seen a plethora of Black women under attack while Black men sat idly by? Can anyone cite reports from Black men—any Black men—who really don’t want to protect Black women and children? Of course not!

But such discussions ensue anyway.

One ignorant loon claimed that when Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was called a “ghetto slut,” that no Black man cared or offered to protect her. She also claimed that no Black man stepped up to defend the mother who alleged sexual assault in the Duke University case.

Her ignorant and hateful conclusion was that Black men are only willing to vindicate white womanhood.

Sadly, many moronic radical Feminatzis with tunnel vision and obfuscated hatred for Black men, seek only to polarize the genders in our race.

This same failure in logic is used by man-hating females who also claim that the Civil Rights Movement was sexist and oppressive to Black women.

School children know that history identifies the defense of Rosa Parks, a Black woman, as a major spark in setting off the Civil Rights Movement. But in order to identify the Movement as sexist, we would have to identify some real incidents of Black men attempting to oppress Black women and we would have to ignore the contributions of Black women such as Fannie Lou Hamer, Angela Davis, Assatta Shakur and Kathleen Cleaver.

In addition, the Movement was about Black men standing up as men to protect their communities—composed of a great majority of Black women and Black children.

To “prove” that premise, lunatics reach into obscurity to offer up evidence of white men protecting white women, while ignoring plentiful evidence of Black men who defended Black women very publicly.

Manhaters conveniently leave out the defense of Tawanna Brawley—a case which still hounds Al Sharpton.

They also neglect to discuss the Black men who defended Latasha Harlins when Soon Ja Du murdered her and claimed that she was a thief.

And even though we now know that the alleged rape victim in the Duke case was lying about a number of crucial items, throngs of Black men defended her and her honor, including this writer.

I made a complete fool of myself by defending the woman, but I did it because she was a Black woman and a mother of Black children. And, honestly, I would rather make a mistake defending a Black woman as opposed to leaving her hanging out to dry. Whites always get the benefit of doubt and many Black men gave that to her.

As a former leading Hip Hop activist and owner of the second largest rap music publication, I turned away from the so-called art form, partly because too many of those worthless male bitches were degrading Black women. I dog them still.

As for the defense of former Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney, throngs of Black men across the nation came to her defense with no small number offering to pass out a beatdown to the bastard who defamed her character.

Today, I believe that my sisters in the race are starting to see the Manhaters for what they are and are beginning to take them to task for their blind hatred.

We have even begun to see these crazy creatures proclaim happiness over the Black man’s incarceration and his fall to AIDS and violent death.

Sure, that’ll teach us.

Sad and stupid.

That evil ignorant drivel is tearing Black men and women apart and it needs to stop.

Black men have been dying since day one in defense of Black women. And, we know that numerous Black women have done the same.

But if we listen to the rhetoric of Manhaters, who anachronistically quote Abbey Lincoln, we would believe that Black men as a whole are willing to toss our sisters to anyone who wants to harm them, including ourselves.

Black Manhaters can’t really find any evidence of their claims of Black men hating Black women, so they trot out an old obscure quote from actress and singer Lincoln: “Who will revere the Black woman? Who will assuage her indignation? Who will keep our neighborhoods safe for Black innocent womanhood?”

Sadly, they ignore more contemporary quotes from Lincoln, including this one where the singer reminisces about the Civil Rights Movement: “It was a movement that helped all our lives. Fighting for rights is still important today, but with the right approach. We don’t need anybody to complain against. We need to look inside and see what it is we’re doing wrong. That’s all we need to do. And leave everybody alone and stop blaming other people for your crap.”

As a Black man who loves Black women, I’m tired of hearing the lies from hateful sows who claim that all or even most Black men hate or fail to defend Black women.

We have become so polarized that I can take Black men to task in my writing and cheers will abound. But if I say anything that appears to chastise one Black woman, accusations of hating the entire gender are slung.

That hurts me deeply.

Angry, ignorant Feminatzis as well as the ignoramuses who surely will hate me for writing this can burn in hell.

Their one true goal is to claim eternal and onesided victimhood for Black women as if competing for championship victimhood with Black men. They do this while pretending that no one loves or defends Black women. Black women who accept this, must of course, accept that Black men are against them.

That’s why instead of concerted efforts to shut down the misogynistic element in rap music, some Black women respond by making hateful songs about Black men, or sadly, by dancing to the music made by Black demons on either side. And, sadly, many Black women assume that all Black men like the garbage we now call rap music.

Most of us in humanity have no real idea what is outside of our small worlds. So, if we find ourselves without love, we will embrace propaganda, which easily explains it by telling us that no one loves us.

It’s no wonder why we are having a hard time loving each other.

Written By Darryl James

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