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Black History Month; A Great Writer of the Harlem Renaissance

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( Langston Hughes is undeniably one of the most prominent and influential writers of the Harlem Renaissance. Nowadays, most people read or hear about the great poetry he composed, and some do not know that he was an important figure because he not only composed noteworthy poems, but he also wrote notable novels, plays, short stories, magazine articles, and other literary material. The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement where so many African-American arts flourished, and so many people were inspired by it. The Harlem Renaissance took place in the late 1920’s, and early 30’s, and during this time period, some people were encouraged by Hughes’ literature because some of it reflected his outlook on the world.

Langston Hughes

For instance, during the depression, his work mirrored his socialist attitude. During World War II, some of his literature was patriotic in its tone. He also explored segregation, the life of ordinary blacks, and black culture. It was not uncommon for some of his inspiration to come while sitting in jazz clubs listening to music because a good deal of his literary work was influenced by jazz.

In 1925, Hughes won a poetry contest with Opportunity magazine, which was a local magazine in the Harlem area. A year later, his first book “The Weary Blues” was published. Hughes then had a host of other publications in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Aside from Hughes’ publications, the Harlem Renaissance gave new life to the Harlem city because a variety of others writers wrote great pieces of literature.

Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and a handful of other writers were also very involved in the Harlem Renaissance, but Hughes had a special gift with his literature. To so many people, he was considered a “literary genius.” He sometimes wrote literature, which inspired others blacks to never lose hope for a better tomorrow because during this time, racial prejudice and lynching were at an all-time high. Aside from all this hysteria that was taking place during the Harlem Renaissance, Hughes kept writing brilliant pieces of literature.

In fact, some of his remarkable literature can still be read today. Overall, the renaissance illustrated how dedication and hard-work can give you the strength to achieve success. During this time, almost everyone that took part in the Harlem Renaissance exemplified how if a person devotes themselves to one particular thing, they can create a masterpiece. Every reader of this article should believe that they have the mind and body to conquer any challenge they may face in the future.

Written By Omarr Lee

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