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Why sexaholics get no love…

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( R & B singer, Eric Benet, was probably the most infamous black sex addict in America – until golf superstar, Tiger Woods, came along and stole the title with just a few easy strokes.

Tiger Woods

As we all know, Woods is now undergoing therapy for what’s reportedly an addiction to sex. Yet, whether it’s Woods or Benet (who in 2002 admitted he cheated on former wife, Halle Berry), no one seems to believe sex addiction is a real problem…except me.

Now before you assume I:

    A) Must have a sex addiction

    B) Know someone with a sex addiction

    C) Am Tiger’s 15th mistress

Stop. None of the above is true (at least to my knowledge). I just believe addiction can come in many forms, including sex. Think about it. An addiction is some type of compulsion, usually for something that gives you a “high” or puts you in a euphoric state. Well… isn’t that what you get from sex?

C’mon. Let’s try to be serious here.

Anyway, would you honestly tell an alcoholic, “You don’t have a problem, you just like to drink a lot!“? Would you tell a gambling addict, “You don’t have a problem, you just like losing money!”? Of course not. Yet, I’ve heard so many people say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with Tiger, he just likes to have sex!”

Look, I’m not a shrink, but I think any person who repeatedly risks everything he or she has (i.e. career, marriage, reputation, etc.) to feed a habit is an addict who needs help.

Maybe if we all took sex addiction a little more seriously, we might recognize the signs and try to prevent the problem from turning into tragedy. No, the consequences may not be the same as a drunk driver crashing into a packed school bus, but if the reports are true about Woods…sex addiction can still leave a lot of people hurt.

Written By Myranda Stephens

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