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Blacks New Best Frenemy: The Antiabortion Advocates…

March 12, 2010 by  
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( Antiabortion advocates are claiming that Black women are being specifically targeted for abortions in an effort to keep the Black population down-a conspiracy against the Black population.

This comes after several antiabortion billboards popped up in Atlanta stirring up the race issue.

The billboards feature the face of a Black baby and the words “Black children are an endangered species.”

The billboards direct people to a website called, which says for African-Americans, abortion has become a crisis. Nearly 40% of all Black pregnancies end in induced abortion, the website says, which is more than three times the rate of white women and two times the rate of all other races combined.

Now that you’ve read the fiction, let’s talk about the facts.

Fact-Just like with the Mormons and Proposition 8, Black people are not the architects of this campaign but for the right price you’ll find some of us willing to serve as spokespersons for the campaign. Just don’t believe the hype.

Fact-the biggest conspiracy against the Black population was the exporting and importing of Blacks from Africa to the now United States of America-not abortion. The Middle Passage claimed more Black lives than abortion doctors.

Fact-next to slavery, the second biggest conspiracies working against Black people continue to be the U.S. Justice system and the effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

Fact-if abortions were such a conspiracy against Black people in particular, they’d be free and there’d be a clinic next door to every Black church, nail shop, beauty supply, and liquor store in the community.

Fact-I can think of a lot of crises in the Black community–like the fact that more than half of Black people in America are obese, too many of us still willingly refer to ourselves as “niggas” and “bitches,” and now thanks to the Academy Awards, we can expect an influx of roles featuring verbally and physically abusive mothers portrayed by Black women in a theatre near you.

Fact-the real endangered species in America is the Black middle class and a Black person working on a job making a livable wage.

What Black people need to be asking the antiabortion folks is what happens after they have the baby? Because what I’ve found to be true is that the same people against abortions are the same people who don’t want welfare or other social programs for poor people to help them take care of the same children they don’t want aborted.

Like with gay marriage, these antiabortion frenemies are simply trying to use a method that’s proved successful for them in the past. Befriend Black Christians on socially conservative issues.

What we can’t lose sight of is the fact that these are the same people who are traditionally against the social justice issues that most Blacks support. Oh and if that doesn’t move those socially conservative Black Christian evangelists on this issue, maybe this well. Blacks new frenemies the antiabrotion advocates, yeah well they don’t share the same affinity and zeal that most Blacks, including Christian evangelists, possess for President Barack Obama. Nope, they voted for McCain. Case closed.

We know who has our best interests at heart and it ain’t the antiabortion folks-can’t trust it.

Written By Jasmyne A. Cannick

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