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Diddy to Buy Soccer Team: Diddy, Don’t Waste A Great Opportunity…

March 19, 2010 by  
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( Diddy (aka, Sean Combs) is in talks to purchase Crystal Palace, a struggling soccer team based in South London. It has been reported that Diddy is offering the equivalent of approximately $550 million to purchase the team, which filed for bankruptcy in January of this year. If the deal is allowed to proceed as expected, it will make Diddy the first U.S. rap star to become owner of a team in the prestigious English soccer league.

From the standpoint of “breaking barriers,” I respect Diddy for attempting to become the first “urban entrepreneur” from the U.S. to become a team owner in this very popular and lucrative soccer market, in addition to being the first black man of American citizenship to do the same.

Although soccer still takes a backseat to other sports in the U.S. like football, basketball and baseball, it is rapidly increasing in popularity among all facets of the population, including urban youth. Diddy could be demonstrating excellent timing in deciding to purchase a team at this time. However, this is no guaranteed moneymaker for Diddy. The previous two owners of Crystal Palace both left the team in bankruptcy after being unable to generate enough money to keep the team profitable. Also, the team has not participated in the Premier League (the highest level of English football) since the 2004-2005 season.

Despite the potential hurdles that will have to be overcome, this purchase could be of great benefit not only to Diddy, but also to urban and minority communities across the country. Although it is the most popular sport worldwide, soccer still lags in popularity in the U.S., particularly in the black community, where youth participation in sports usually focuses on basketball and football — despite the fact that only a small percentage of those who play those two sports in high school will earn college scholarships. An even smaller percentage of those will make it to any professional league. On the other hand, if those same youth focused their energy on learning the game of soccer, which Diddy could inspire with this move, the rewards could be tremendous. Not only would it open up the door to more possible college scholarships, it would greatly increase the potential for a professional career in soccer, given that there are hundreds of professional leagues in countries around the world. (And for those who decry anyone promoting the pursuit of playing a professional sport, get a life.. Of course this pursuit should be balanced with academics).

Diddy has the popularity and exposure to introduce the game of soccer to youth who otherwise wouldn’t think twice about getting involved in the sport. He has the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many young people in urban communities through stimulating interest in a greater variety of sports scholarships. Hopefully, he will accept this opportunity, and not simply use ownership of a professional soccer team as another thing to brag about in a song.

Written By Elliot Millner

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