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Mother Earth Unhappy…

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( The small country called Haiti’s new international fame comes at a huge price to its people. On January 12th 2010, mother earth shook during a 7.3 earthquake that left an estimated 230,000 Haitian people dead and another 300,000 injured. Underneath the rubble of debris, rescue workers found bodies of little boys and girls. As the world asks why, I quickly answer; Mother Earth isn’t happy. She has put up with human evolution for millions of years. Her frustration with modern mans abuse through misuse of technology is evident. As humans, we have evolved into the powerful technological people that we are today, but at what expense? Dr. Ivan van Sertima, the world renowned Professor who taught at Rutgers University stated once, “We have the power to send man to the moon, but that same technology has put a hole in the ozone layer.” Damage to our natural resources including land and water is at and all time high. We are currently dealing with tsunami’s, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and not to mention global warming. Why can’t we see the part that we are playing in our own destruction? Historically, Haiti fought off Napoleon which led to the two cents per acre sale of American land, now called the Louisiana Purchase. This, among other historical revelations, including the fact that millions of trees were cut from the Haitian land to pay off debt, which in result made Haiti prone to earthquakes are just a few things we all must realize.

We can learn from the people of the ancient mythical city that some called Atlantis. As one learns the Atlantis story, you can see that while the land was sinking under water, many people refused to acknowledge that their behavior was the reason why. Whether we believe Atlantis to be real or myth, we must all learn the important lesson of ignorance to the power of will. The outpour of help for the Haitian people from countries all over the world was a sign that we are starting to love all. As soon as I say that, reality sinks in when I turn on the TV and I see a Christian preacher telling the world that the Haitian people are cursed. Where is the sympathy to one who is suffering? We must all see that the Creator loves all or none. As we try to get rid of the epidemic of delusional thinking that plagues America, we must see that there is hope. We must strive to get rid of the mental state that has caused huge problems for humanity.

Haiti isn’t the only place on Earth who recently felt the power of Mother Earth; on February 27, 2010, Chile, the small South American country was next. In Chile there were 250 reported deaths, countless injured and thousands displaced from the 8.5 earthquake. Not since the 9.5 earthquake in 1960 has there been a stronger warning sent to us by Mother Earth. Clearly we must all ask why does it take tragic events like this and the death of loved ones for us to see that we all must become accountable for our actions and show Mother Earth, through our behavior, that we are truly sorry.

Written By Steve Johnson

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