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Obama doing more harm than good…

June 4, 2010 by  
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( The crime of the century is occurring right under our collective noses. The Obama Administration, along with the Democrats, claims its programs do good. In reality, they do more harm than good. In fact, they do horrible things.

For example, we have thrown a gazillion dollars at poverty since LBJ’s Great Society program of the ’60s. That’s 45 years!

The only thing it has done is disintegrate the black community under the auspices of the nanny state. Illegitimacy within the black community is 70 percent. Drug addiction and alcoholism are epidemic among the subsidized. Teenagers commit unspeakable crimes, knowing full well they will be tried as juveniles and get a slap on the wrist. After all, he’s just “misunderstood.” The government has done wonderful things on the reservations also. Do you know that alcoholism among Native Americans on the reservations is 90 percent?

If you care about people, don’t give them money they didn’t earn. The more you give them, the worse off they become. The liberals and leftists with their fanatical devotion to “social justice” never bother to examine the damage they do nor do they stop to pick up the pieces. They foster dependency.

Look at their decisions: they force little children to sexual predation by allowing sex offenders to “teach” them, after all political correctness has no place for screening these offenders out; they promote criminality and misbehavior. They’re outraged over social disasters they themselves engineered, casting blame on everyone but themselves. Whatever their motives, the modern leftist commits atrocities. They ruin people.

Is it too much to ask the left to acknowledge some simple truths about human behavior? Do they know the Proverb, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

Bad behavior is a direct result of boredom. The opposite of boredom is stimulation. People will do bad things to escape boredom.

Social sympathy obscures the crucial fact that human beings improve themselves through struggle. Adversity carries with it the seeds of wisdom and growth. The left is engineering a nation of wimps and ne’er-do-wells, who run to the government with every hangnail and eventually become wards of the state. Taxpayers are creating and subsidizing villains who can and do rob and maim them.

If you want to stop Obama and the liberals of the world, simply shine the spotlight on their lousy and destructive handiwork. They cannot defend what they have done. They will never own up or acknowledge the magnitude of their sins.

Expose these crimes of the liberal do-gooders – by reducing tens of millions of people to self-destructive behavior and outright helplessness, they are guilty of the greatest wrongdoing in history.

Written By Allan Walker

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