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The Bridge: A Long Way, Baby?

August 11, 2010 by  
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( Men have to take their fair share of the blame in the gender breakdown because too many of us believe that it’s cool to tuck our emotions away. And too many of us think that having a discussion about feelings is for women and gay men.

Consequently, our voice is rarely heard.

In fact, the media is filled with article after article about what is wrong with men. That’s why it’s confusing to see crazy people who get upset with me when I offer balance.

To them, balance means that I cannot say anything about women without someone simultaneously saying something about men.

Not only is that ignorant but it is in direct contradiction with the plethora of negative media coverage on men—Where the good ones are; why we are in prison, why we are “down low”, blah, blah, blah…..

At any rate, no one, not even the people who hate me and pledge to no longer read my writing (liars—they secretly love me) can deny that there is a war brewing between the genders and that unless more strong men stand up and make themselves heard, things will only get worse.

I asserted before and do so now, that Radical Feminism has caused some role-reversals and general confusion as to what each gender should really be about.

As a glaring example, where men were once fighters, we see far too many women cursing like sailors and ready to get physical with men and with each other (some of them are shocked when people fight back). Some women consider themselves “evolved” to use filthy language like men and to engage as many lovers as possible (even though that ain’t good for men, either).

On the flip side, where women were once tender and more conciliatory, we see far too many men who refuse to stand up for themselves, speaking too softly, afraid to make people angry and allowing women to define them.

Of course, I will inspire anger when I point out that over the past thirty years, we-both men and women–have been assaulted by damaging and contradictory messages from Radical Feminists.

And, because Radical Feminists haven’t held a convention and passed out their propaganda in handbooks, some morons try to deny that it exists.

Radical Feminists have attempted to re-define womanhood, failing because not even all women agree. For example, for every combat boot-wearing freak of female nature who curses a man for chivalry, there is still a woman who prefers to have the door held for her.

And the re-defining of men failed for the same reasons.

From angry, nutty women who disagree for the sake of being disagreeable, any man they disagree with or dislike is called gay.

The morons who disagree with disrespect always go straight to the same place that white racists always went—attempt at castration. White racists loved calling Black men “boy” in order to cast doubt on his manhood. Witness the Feminatzis and their sissified boy minions calling me gay when they disagree or dislike me.

Well nutty Feminatzis and their sissified boy minions will continue to have reason to hate me, even though I still haven’t found one reason to give a damn.

The revolutionary movements of Blacks during the 1950’s and 1960’s were about freedom from Jim Crow laws and discrimination against people of color. It expanded beyond Black to include other oppressed minorities, which is why we see Mexican immigrants singing “We Shall Overcome” while employing tactics from the Sixties in seeking their goals.

The results of the revolutionary movements in the Sixties benefited both men and women, even though Radical Feminists claim that the movements were sexist.

For example, we now see that more women are in college than men, which is leading to women progressing over men. Why is this viewed as negative by some women?

The reason is simple, yet infuriating for the ignorant.

Journalist, Activist, Author Midge Decter asserts that the Radical Feminist is disoriented by freedom of choice.

It is a freedom that frightens her [today’s woman] and disorients her and burdens her terribly,” asserts Decter. “The appeal to her of the women’s movement is that in her fear and disorientation, the movement offers her the momentary escape contained in the idea that she is not free at all; that she is, on the contrary, the victim of an age-old conspiracy that everything troubling to her has been imposed on her by others.”

In other words, feminism much like many other revolutions, failed its followers, because there was and is no plan for dealing with success.

Arguably, one could say that the Black revolution failed because once the goals that were set were reached, there was no plan for continued direction. This may explain why Blacks improved for a time and then in many ways began to backslide.

It may also explain why many Black women chose to attach themselves to a movement that still had momentum, even as the direction was becoming murky.

That movement is the feminist movement. And I’ll deal with the contradictory, harmful movement next week.

Written By Darryl James

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