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My Life is not for Me…

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( A mother recently said to me, “My Life is Not for Me;” my response…and whose fault is that?”

More often than not, it appears as though life: work, children, obligations, suffering health, appointments, exercise, school, commitments, family, pets, church the list is endless, keeps us moving in the fast lane. The problem arises when you realize you didn’t voluntarily enter the fast lane, but were slowly forced into it.

So now here you are wedged between other vehicles, if you will, being forced to travel at an ungodly rate of speed. You don’t dare slow down for the thought of slowing down is a guarantee you’ll be hit from behind, tailgated with bright lights obstructing your view, or become privy to a crash course in sign language not necessarily rated PG! Yet if you kindly follow your instinct, courteously decrease your speed, follow the rules, and use your blinker to exit this lane, where the average speed is no less than 85mph, still, no one in the slow lane is willing to let you squeeze in; and even the slow lane is moving at 70 mph.

So how do you exit the fast lane? You inconspicuously increase your rate of speed, attempt to gage the traffic in the lanes to your right, turn off your blinker as not to arouse suspicion that you are attempting to “Jump Ship,” pretend you don’t see oncoming traffic in the lane you want to enter, swerve hard to the right, put the pedal to the metal, and pray that everyone within your 20 foot radius, has full coverage insurance.

Here’s an example of a parent caught in the fast lane.

Everybody wants a little piece of me; to be just who they want me to be. I don’t think much about it that’s the way it is, and I rarely sip on tea because I’ve got some place to be. I get up in the morning at the break of dawn and the heat is off so yes, I get up and turn it on. Everyone is in bed all warm and still asleep. The alarm goes off yet no one ever seems to hear a peep. I rouse the kids out of bed with their pajamas on, and then grant requests of five more minutes mom.

While I’m making breakfast, one child can’t find a shoe. Without my assistance they wouldn’t know what to do. The other children doing homework that was done last night they said; at least that was the story before they headed off to bed. I check my watch, now I’m literally running out the door, to be on time for work, I should get up at three or four…oh forgot, I already do… sometimes I’m even up at two!

Off to school and work with many errands in between. Did I mention that our family is really trying to be GREEN? I’ve got to have my coffee so I make a quick stop, a huge cup of Starbucks, usually $6 bucks a pop! Traffic’s really heavy, so that puts me in a jam. I get a text from my boss and he’s asking where I am.

My 10 o’clock conference call has just been changed to eight. I’ve been up since three AM, and now I’m going to be late. Is someone out to get me? Or is this just my fate? I just spilled coffee on my suit, this day is starting great (smile). And all this before 9AM…good luck with the remainder of the day!

So in reference to the statement, “My life is not for me.” Again I ask, “And whose fault is that?” Yes, the world is spinning, spinning, spinning, like a merry-go round. And as you know the merry-go round must slow down long enough for you to safely dismount. When you finally do, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you get back on; or is it?

There are many things in life we can’t control, yet must be brave, so in the midst of drowning, brace you and ‘Ride the Wave.

So this is life; your time, your space, the expectation? …Find Your Place.

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Written By Japhena Kay Musson

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