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Occupy Wall Street, and the youth…

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( American bankers are trying to kill us!

The United States’ economic system is in need of some economic CPR and the world’s economy is on life support because beast bankers in this country are so greedy that they will kill the capitalist economic system rather than be responsible businesspersons.

And it appears that no one will stand up, speak out and protest about it but The Gantt Report and our country’s youth. You know how I’ve felt for years, but it was encouraging to me to see the recent “Occupy Wall Street” protests that started in New York City and has spread far and wide.

Bankers not scared

Claiming that they are the “99 percent” of Americans with little or nothing, they are protesting the one percent of Americans that have more money than everybody else combined. So the beast bankers should be scared, right?

No, they are not. Instead of feeling sorry for poor bank customers, the beast bankers got together and asked how they could take even more money from people struggling to make ends meet.

Well, banks already charge you for so-called “free checking” and banks already charge you service charges on bank accounts where no activity has taken place and no services have been rendered.

So the devilish moneychangers came up with the novel idea of charging customers $5 a month to access and use their own money. If you use your debit card to buy a fifty cents bottle of water, your friendly beast banker will now charge you five dollars.

Thank God for the check-cashing companies in the neighborhood. Greedy bankers have made it less costly to take your paycheck to a check casher and get cash to pay all of your bills than it is to write a check or use a debit card.

If someone wants to make a windfall profit, just open up an honest bank that can make money the old fashion ways, like making loans to customers and charging a little interest. If you want to bring jobs to a city, open up a bank that will loan money to small businesses so they can expand their work force.

Perhaps government can nationalize banks that take taxpayer dollars via a so-called stimulus plan and pay themselves million-dollar bonuses. Oh no! That would be too socialistic or communistic.

In it together

Bankers must pretend that they are competing against each other in order to continue to rip us off when in fact they meet, communicate with each other and conspire with each other on a regular basis.

Banking records are supposed to be confidential, but you can make a deposit into Wells Fargo and Bank of America will know about it before the check clears.

Every bank knows who the major depositors are in each city whether they hold that company’s or individual’s accounts or not.

Should I pay bankers’ huge, unfair fees in addition to allowing them to earn interest on my deposits, or should I choose to do something else? Hello check cashers; I’m your newest customer. I’m going to stop beast bankers from stealing from me. When politicians decide to regulate banks like they should, I might go back to deposits.

Keep fighting young people! Support the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Written By Lucius Gantt

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