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Black Men and Singlehood…

November 1, 2011 by  
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( Television, radio, and the Internet have been buzzing nonstop for years about the plight of single, black women looking for love, but what about all the single, black men? Nobody’s been bold enough to take a stand and speak out on behalf of all the good, single black men out there looking for love too. However, now, that’s all changed. The Victory Unlimited Show ( attacks this issue with the kind of guts, gusto, humor, and controversy that’s rarely heard in the mainstream media.

Based on feedback from the show’s fan base, the most recent broadcast entitled “The Top Twelve Reasons Why So Many Good Black Men Are Still Single” put forth the following list as the reasons why so many good black men are still unhappily single:

1. They keep meeting women with unrealistic expectations for what they want in a man.

2. They keep meeting women who put them in the wrong category by writing them off too quickly as not being “their type”.

3. They’re not wanted because they’re not needed. Too many women have told them that they don’t “need” a man.

4. They keep meeting black women who don’t respect them just because they “are” black men.

5. They keep failing women’s Girlfriend Approval Test. If the woman’s friends don’t like them, then that woman won’t give them a chance either.

6. They keep meeting women who are not interested in them, but only in how much money they make.

7. They’re nobody until somebody else loves them. Not enough women see them as a prize unless they see a lot of other women chasing after them first.

8. They meet too many women who don’t really know what they want.

9. They meet too many women who believe that single, good black men are “too good to be true”.

10. They’re the right man at the wrong time.

11. They meet too many women who don’t recognize a good man when they see one.

12. They don’t promote all the great things about themselves boldly or consistently enough to enough women.

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