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TV News Reporter Launches “Bake Away Hunger” Initiative…

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( In addition to his ongoing career in TV news, Peter Thorne is taking on a new title: African-American Social Entrepreneur. The longtime NYC TV journalist announces the launch of Momma B Bakery (MBBE LLC), a black-family owned and operated gourmet bakery company that was conceived with a simple goal in mind: “Do Good By Eating Well”.

The start-up company backs the fight against hunger in urban America by producing gourmet foods delivered right to your door, with a percentage of the proceeds donated directly to organizations that fight black America’s growing hunger epidemic.

“At Momma B we dare to imagine an America without hunger,” Peter Thorne, founder of Momma B Bakery said. “We can alleviate hunger in more ways than one. Commerce should have a conscience, and we take our social responsibility very seriously at Momma B Bakery.”

During his 10 years as an Emmy Award-winning television anchor and reporter in New York City, Thorne frequently witnessed working-class families struggle to afford nourishing, healthy food. Moved to take action, Thorne founded Momma B Bakery, a company that delivers moderately priced gourmet products with a purpose, from delicious organic pancake and waffle dry mixes to irresistible all-natural muffin and brownie selections.

The specialty dry mixes sold by Momma B Bakery are all natural and USDA Certified 100 percent organic, with no preservatives, hormones, animal byproducts or artificial ingredients. A percentage of the proceeds from these high-end but not high-price products goes directly to organizations that fight our community’s growing hunger epidemic. In addition to being good for the body and good for the African-American community, Momma B Bakery mixes are made in the USA and shipped via USPS Priority Mail using eco-friendly packaging materials, preserving both the environment and American jobs.

Thorne’s grandmother, and her message to “pay it forward,” is the inspiration behind the Momma B Bakery brand. It is her recipes that are the foundation for the company’s gourmet bakery products and her face that graces the company’s logo.

“Because life is too short not to do something that matters, I knew I had to do my part, and just like that this company was born,” Thorne said. “The truth is that finding quality, wholesome organic baked goods and dry mixes is not easy. Momma B delivers this straight to your kitchen. We’re on a mission to give back to our community and we want everyone to join us. People who have been blessed should be a blessing to those less fortunate in our community.”

Momma B Bakery products are backed by a 90-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The company currently carries four new products with more in development. Place your order to help the hungry or learn more about the candid, caring and compassionate mission of Momma B Bakery at

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