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Today’s Lighting Technology.

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Making a choice in lighting today is infinitely different than any process our parents or parents had to go through. When they went out shopping for lights, all the had to do was go and pick out the only bulbs available, buy it, take it home and install it wherever they needed it. Nowadays, when you pick up any lighting or even decide to look at what’s involved, we’re blasted with an avalanche of three letter acronyms before we can even take a look at our different options. From traditional incandescent bulbs to CFL bulbs to Halogen an LED lighting, the options to choose from are almost limitless.

Incandescent light bulbs are the most commonly installed lighting at the moment considering they’re the cheapest, most accessible and most often pre-installed in our homes. The bulbs themselves are very cheap, but not very cost effective. In short, you are getting what you pa for when you get two to four bulbs for a dollar or two. CFL bulbs are very popular as they last several years instead of the “up two two” promised by most incandescent bulbs. They take a moment to illuminate, but are better for your power bill and the environment which makes them worh the few moments’ wait.

Halogen bulbs are powerful “flood light” bulbs used mostly in outdoor landscape lighting. Good for yard lighting or garages, but not very effective indoors. LED lighting is both cost effective and incredibly bright. LED lighting can reduce power costs over regular bulbs by up to 60% which really eases your wallet strain. Most lighting types are accessible across the country, but which type of lighting you choose is up to you. Just look at your personal needs and the lighting available to you before you decide to make your choice.

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