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African American Workers still left behind.

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( Service Employees International Union (SEIU) International Executive Vice President Gerry Hudson issued the following statement in response to the April 2012 jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed a slight decline in the African American unemployment rate:

“Thousands of African American workers are finally experiencing some economic relief with a slight decline in last month’s unemployment rate from 14 percent to 13 percent. But we can and must do better to rebuild an economy that works for everyone—not just the richest 1% and tax dodging corporations who refuse to pay their fair. “The double-digit unemployment rate for African Americans makes it clear: we must push harder to create good jobs and address the jobs crisis that disproportionately impacts workers of color and their families.

“As President Obama continues to his efforts to advance critical policies that focus on the needs of the 99%, members of conservative GOP Republicans should do the same, instead of pushing extreme cuts to programs that will cost American jobs and sacrifice essential services.

“In 2012, it is unacceptable that millions of America’s working families, including African Americans, are still struggling to put gas in their cars and to put food on their tables while bearing the financial burdens of the nation’s slow economic recovery on top of historic income inequality.

“The impacts of the nation’s economic crisis on African American workers are both disproportionate and unacceptable. Finding solutions to America’s income inequality crisis by creating good jobs and make corporations pay their fair share is critical for African Americans.

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