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21 Years Later: Rwandan Cowards Still Live In Fear Of Paul Kagame.

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Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Rwanda was a feudal kingdom ruled by a Tutsi minority over a Hutu majority.

Following the Berlin Conference of 1885 Rwanda came under the suzerainty of Germany which was, itself, replaced as colonial overlord following WW1, by Belgium.

Rwanda’s feudal order remained intact, however, until 1956 when the Belgians finally organized elections.

Then, in November 1959, the Hutu majority overthrew the Tutsi monarchy. Many Tutsis fled, the majority ending up, significantly, in Uganda.

It was from this perch in Uganda that the exiled Tutsi aristocracy launched, between 1960 and 1973, a series of violent attacks against the Rwandan regime.

These were repulsed and for the next decade and a half Rwanda enjoyed a period of relative peace.

It is worth noting at this juncture that, though much of the Tutsi aristocracy fled in 1960, those Tutsis who remained were well integrated into Rwandan society and body politic. Thus, both the government and army contained significant numbers of Tutsi personnel even through the height of the crisis in April 1994.

In fact, the Rwandan Army (FAR) continued as a multi-ethnic organization even as it was forced to retreat into the forests of the Congo in July of 1994; this after having run out of ammunition due to a Western embargo on arms supplies – an embargo not applied to the RPF.

Up until 1990 there was no further interference in Rwanda from Uganda.

Nevertheless, by then the Tutsis exiles living there had become one of the main elements of the Ugandan Army. Paul-Kagame-younger-fatigues-flag-2015

As such, when Museveni came to power – having been handpicked by the US and Britain to oust the socialist, Milton Obote – a third or more of his army consisted of Tutsis. Many of these held high office, including Paul Kagame.

Kagame had been (and remains) an erstwhile client of Washington from well before he claimed to have ‘saved Rwanda from further genocide’ in 1994. Not only had he served as director of Ugandan military intelligence in the 1980s, but he had also received training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and had been the beneficiary of constant US material and diplomatic support from the moment he assumed control of the RPF.

Upon the collapse of the USSR in 1989/90 the US and the UK began a general militarist expansion which included the targeting of Yugoslavia and Rwanda; Yugoslavia as it was the last real bastion of working socialism in Europe, and Rwanda as it was a working model of socialist development in Africa.

In addition, the US had turned against Mobutu (of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) as he was beginning to ally himself politically with China.

The Rwandan president, Habyarimana, was subsequently approached by Washington to allow his country to be used as a staging ground for an attack on Zaire (to this day, a cornucopia of precious resources prized by the West).

His refusal caused the US to look to other agents in furthering its strategic interests. They found the Tutsis in Uganda, ever thirsting for restoration of their hegemony in Rwanda.

Furthermore, Museveni had begun to feel uneasy about the numbers of Tutsis in his ranks and was looking to be rid of them. The opportunity to satisfy these disparate desires soon came.



The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda was created for a very good cause-to liberate Rwandans from the tyranny they have been subjected to by the RPF.

However,the FDLR has remained a partisan party which cannot command any legitimacy beyond the Hutu clan.

I for one am a Hutu and would love to join the FDLR but the problem with the FDLR leadership is that they are not ready to welcome new ideas.

They think that they know better than everybody else.

We have to give them credit for saving the lives of thousands of Hutu refugees but is Rwanda only made up of HUTU?

Another flow is their resistance to the new wave-youths are not represented as they should be.

They still sell the same old ideology when in fact what Paul Kagame needs right now is a war with people he cannot accuse of genocide and who do you think those are?


The Rwanda National Congress is a predominantly Tutsi political group established in the United States on 12 December 2010 that represents the Tutsi exiled opposition to the government of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Unlike the FDLR,the RNC has one objective only-put an end to Paul Kagame’s rule.

These Tutsi brothers mean business.

They are not beating about the bush.

They want Paul Kagame gone and that is it.

However,what will happen after Paul Kagame is no more?


I won’t dwelve too much into Faustin Twagiramungu and Paul Rusesabagina’s political parties because these two gentlemen are a disgrace to Rwandan politics but what I will do is to analyse Thomas Nahimana’s political career.


It is clear that Paul Kagame will be President for life after the Senate’s vote that paved way for him to override his constitutional mandate by standing for the third term.

As for our dear Padiri-why give legitimacy to a flawed process?

Is it really necessary for Padiri Thomas Nahimana to contest in the upcoming Rwandan elections?

What signal will he be sending to the international community?


People take Paul Kagame for God.

They cannot speak ill of him or simply put-criticise him.

The FDLR lacks diplomacy and international credibility.

The RNC lacks a military clout but has connections in the international circles.

Rwandans are tired of opportunists like Thomas Nahimana,Faustin Twagiramungu and Paul Rusesabagina.

Why not join our forces?

Why not inspire the youths not to fear Paul Kagame?

Why not see past whatever happened  before 1994?

Why not reconcile?

It is the fear of the unknown that will always hunt us.

We are a people who live in a fantasy-we believe in rumours more than anything else.

We fear not because there is a threat but because we are too naïve to trust eachother.

The time has come for us to put Rwanda first and man up.

Stop being cowards and let us combine our efforts in liberating Rwandans from the KAGAME DYNASTY.

Columnist; Lionel Nishimwe

Official website;

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