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5 Steps To Acing Your Next Exam.

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( Some students seem to have the knack for acing their exams. For others, it’s an excruciating period full of nerves and worries. If you’re nervous about your upcoming exams, we’re here to help. We know the best tricks and tips to help you stay focused before, during, and after the exams. Follow our advice today, and you’ll leave the exam hall with your head held high! Ready to learn the best tricks for acing your upcoming tests? Let’s dive straight in.

Study throughout the year!

Okay, this might seem like obvious advice, but there is no substitute for all-round good work. Our brains work by slowly gathering knowledge, archiving it, and repeating it. That’s why cramming so rarely works when it comes to exams. Start each year with a strong attitude, and ask questions if you don’t understand. Build up a portfolio of notes and case studies that you can easily reflect on when it comes to the exam period. Don’t leave everything to the last minute! An SSAT Practice Test can really help with improving your scores on an exam.

Find your optimal learning method

A lot of students are looking for a silver bullet. They’re looking for the magic solution that will help them memorize everything. Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist. We all learn in different ways, and it’s up to you to find your most effective method. Are you a visual learner? Then create big mind-maps and hang them all over your bedroom wall. If you’re an auditory learner, use a dictaphone to record yourself going through the notes. If you’re reading/writing learner, then keep writing out your notes until it sticks.

Use revision apps

Revision apps are particularly useful for visual learners. It allows you to gamify your revision which keeps things interesting and improves your intake. There are hundreds of revision apps for iPhone, so you can revise on the go. Use short, sharp bursts to log on to your apps, and steal ten minute’s revision time.

Practice with past exam papers

There’s a big difference between understanding the subjects, and acing the exam. First of all, the exam environment is a high-pressure situation with a strict time-limit. They also ask for information in a very specific way. Whether it’s a timed-essay format or multiple-choice questions, it all varies. Take a variety of past-papers in your subject to ensure you are familiar with the format and the pressures. You might know the info, but can you translate it in the way the examiners are looking for.

Do a brain dump

Once the exam starts, there’s no going back! You’ve been holding onto endless amounts of information in your head; now is the time to get it all out. If there are key dates, names, and concepts you need, write them all down quickly. Take ten minutes to ‘dump’ the information on the paper. It clears your mind, so you can get on with the exam itself.

That’s all for today, guys. We hope this helps you to unlock the skills you need to ace your exams! Do you have any exam tricks of your own?

Staff Writer; Melvin Carter

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