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5 Steps To Care For Your Body After A Sport Injury.

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( As annoying as they may be, sporting injuries are a fact of life if you regularly train and workout. Newbies regularly push themselves too far and cause damage. In the same way, seasoned athletes can also cause an injury through carelessness. I’m sure we’ve all been affected at some point in our sporty lives. So how can you help your body recover faster? Get back in the gym quicker using these five fab tips for caring for your body post-injury.

Rest up

What your body needs now is rest. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may have to rest up for anywhere between a few days to a couple of months. It can be frustrating when an injury gets in the way of your training schedule, but it is very critical to take a Male track athlete relaxing after racebreak for as long as possible. This gives your body time to get back to its best. Return to the gym too early, you could be doing more harm than good.

Prevent a new injury

During your return to the gym or sports field, be extra careful with the joint or muscle that was injured. For your first few workouts after the injury, wear some protective clothing or something that provides support. Something like a copper knee brace. This kind of item will promote recovery while helping relieve you from any pain and discomfort.

Take it easy

When you are up and running, don’t rush into things. Take things one day at a time and increase the intensity and frequency of your training sessions little by little. If you take things too quickly, you could be opening yourself up to another injury and more time away from the gym. Don’t start back into the same routine your were in. Taking it slowly means starting from scratch and building your workout schedule from a couple of times a week.

Eat well

To keep on top form and quickly heal, your body needs plenty of vital vitamins and nutrients. This means you need to eat well and follow a balanced diet. Protein shakes are a great way of giving your body everything it needs. When you do start training again, up the number of carbs and protein in your diet. Your body will then have all the extra nutrients it needs to get through a workout.

Speak to your doctor

To ensure you are on the best possible road to recover, have a chat with your physician. They will be able to double check your injury and make sure it isn’t anything too serious. They will also be able to recommend any other steps you need to take to help your particular injury. If you keep on getting the same injury, speak to a physiotherapist. You could find a world of difference if they correct any movement problems you may have. They will also tell you further ways to protect yourself from any other injuries.

If you follow all these steps, you will drastically reduce your chance of a repeat injury. Happy training!

Staff Writer; Doug Foster

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