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Five Household Items That Might Be Affecting Your Health.

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( Your household is full of things that could be potentially harmful without you even knowing it. That’s not your fault! We’re constantly inundated with so many different products; it’s difficult to know what’s safe and what isn’t! As you’re about to find out, there are some really surprising inclusions on this list!

Before we get started, let me remind you that this list is not exhaustive. There are all sorts of potentially dangerous products in your home, and you can find examples all over the internet. Make sure you’re keeping your family safe; you never know what’s lurking in your home! Let’s have a look at some examples of dangerous household items.

Oven Cleaners

This is probably the most obvious example on the list of something that is dangerous in the household. All it takes is one look at the label to realize that there are some incredibly harmful ingr2345-HealthConcerns-SPRAYedients in these things. Yes, they’re great for cleaning your oven, but they are horrendous for your health. It’d be much better if you could convert to something more natural, such as a baking soda cleaning method.

Talcum Powder

Believe it or not, despite its heavy use for years and years, talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer. In 2013, a Talcum powder lawsuit was filed against Johnson & Johnson regarding their inability to warn people of the dangers of it. This lawsuit was successful, giving hope to many women who seek compensation as a result of gaining cancer from talcum powder.

Air Fresheners

In the same vain as oven cleaners and cleaning supplies (although maybe not as powerful), air fresheners are full of harmful toxins. Over time, this can cause respiratory problems as well as reproductive health issues. There’s no excuse for using them when there are so many other ways to make the room smell nice! Find a natural alternative as best you can, and you should never need to use air fresheners ever again.

Antibacterial Products

While it might seem a good idea at the time, buying antibacterial products can actually have many downsides. It’s much better to clean with basic soap and water rather than buying antibacterial soap. Using these products can lead to developing bugs that can resist those antibacterial effects. It’s much healthier to actually develop your immune system naturally instead of putting up an unnatural barrier. You want to be clean; not overly clean.

Non-Stick Cookware

Before you go buying that non-stick cookware that seems like a good idea at the time, you need to think about your health. These pieces of cookware are coated with something called Polytetrafluoroethylene. This chemical releases gasses when heated, which has been linked to health effects including cancer. It’s not worth risking your health over convenience. Avoid these types of products and spend a bit longer removing stuck-on food. It’s worth it!

As we’ve already mentioned, there are more dangerous items that might be present in your household. Think about what you’re using, and consider the dangers. You can always do a quick search on Google if you’re confused!

Staff Writer; Michael Smith

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