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Why Are More People Talking To Their Doctors Over The Internet?

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( Have you ever noticed that more doctors and medical centers are offering “telemedicine” services? In case you didn’t know, telemedicine is where consultations don’t happen in person. Many years ago, telemedicine referred to consultations carried out by telephone (hence the name).

These days, telemedicine is a moniker that describes digital consultations over the Internet. They get carried out through video calls on computers, smartphones or tablets. Or they might even be through text-based means, such as email. So, just why are more of us talking to our doctors over the Internet?


Many people lead busy lives these days. They don’t usually have the time spare to make an appointment with a doctor let alone go and see them. Telemedicine offers patients a convenient way to speak with a doctor.

Smartphone users can simply summon a doctor using a dedicated app. Computer users can do the same through a secure website. Thanks to the power of video calling, doctors often see the symptoms patients describe. That negates the need to see people in person.

Cost savings

Seeing a doctor isn’t usually a cheap affair, especially during lengthy consultations. The main selling point to patients (and doctors) are the cost savings.

Telemedicine saves doctors $88 per patient, as the infographic on this page shows. That means they can both increase their revenue and pass on some savings to their patients.


Some patients feel vulnerable when discussing medical problems with a doctor. Especially if the conditions are of a sexual nature. Patients prefer the relative safety of a voice call at their homes to in-person consultations.

Infographic Produced By telemedicine reimbursement


Staff Writer; Greg Love

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