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How to Get Unstuck!

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( A few years ago, my dad and I were talking about how to get up really early in the morning when you feel like hitting snooze and burying your head under the covers. He said something that always sticks with me on days when I feel like turning back over: “The key is to get your feet on the ground and keep them moving!” he advised. Simple, but true.

Moving happens with a split second decision to sit up, swing my legs over the side of the bed, stand up and start moving. In the heat of the moment, when my flesh says, “Just five more minutes … pleassse!” I have to consciously say, “No. I’m getting up now,” and then follow through with my actions. Once I start moving, I keep moving! By the time I get to the bathroom and grab my toothbrush, I feel a little tingle of pride. “You did it! You didn’t feel like it, but you got moving.”

Success is a series of good decisions. Stack them up one on top of 123-Get-unstuck-2016another and you will build an incredible life. These decisions are often small ones – getting up early so you can meditate or work out, for example, or choosing the grilled fish off the menu instead of fried. Even the big decisions are carried out in small moments – for instance, saying “no” to an opportunity that will lead you away from your vision rather than closer to it.

So this week, I’m curious. Will you make the call or keep procrastinating? Put on your tennis shoes to head to the gym or come up with an excuse? Will you sit down and work on that project or turn on the television? Consider these strategies to get unstuck.

4 Ways to Get Unstuck in Five Seconds

  1. The person that you’ve been procrastinating about reaching out to – when you finish reading this, contact them immediately. Don’t wait until later. Do it now – while your motivation is high.
  2. That thing you need to say, but can’t seem to muster the courage? Remember this: All you need to do is open your mouth and say it – honestly and kindly. That’s all that is standing between you and standing in truth.
  3. Ask for help from someone who is a “mover.” Sometimes we just need to get around somebody with vision, someone on the move. High energy is contagious.
  4. Stop thinking about your problem and think about a solution. Ask, “What’s the next easiest step that will move me towards what I want?”

In what area of your life do you feel stuck right now? Feeling stuck and being stuck are not the same. Feelings are honest, but they are not necessarily the truth. I can feel like hitting the rude cashier, but that’s not what I should do! Feelings come from thoughts – what you say to yourself about your dilemma. Change your thoughts and you change what you feel. Change what you feel and you change what you do.

If you want more help getting unstuck, try my “Personal Coaching on Demand” program Get Unstuck Now – and I could be coaching you just minutes from now. Check it out here.

My challenge to you:
Staying stuck is a choice. Move towards what you want. Even if it is a baby step, get moving!

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