Friday, May 24, 2024

Before You Redesign Your Company’s Website, Read This First!

( There’s no denying that a refreshed website design can make a site more attractive. If that’s something you’re thinking of doing, stop right there! Before you do anything, I recommend taking these considerations to mind first:

Have you carried out any research?

You need to think about why people want to visit your site. What is it that attracts them the most? Is it your expert knowledge of a niche industry? Perhaps you sell some popular products and services?

Now is the time to scrutinise the content that people view. And get rid of the pages that visitors seldom look at.

Have you identified a good responsive design?

It’s tempting to select a pre-designed template and apply it to your website. Especially if you’re using a CMS like WordPress. But, have you checked whether it works well on all devices?

Believe it or not, most people fail to do A/B testing of their pages. They focus more on things like SEO rather than site usability!

Have you checked for dead links?

You will no doubt have external sites linking to content on your website. It’s worth checking if any of those sites link to pages that no longer exist. A redesigned site often means a change of page URLs.

Be sure to redirect dead links to the correct pages. And, of course, contact sites and ask them to update their links!

Is your content relevant?

From a human and search engine perspective, your content should make sense. If you’ve got a page about laptop computers, don’t write up content on gardening for it! Make sure each page has unique and relevant copy.

Here’s an infographic that explains just how big the problem is:

Infographic Credit To PRWD


Staff Writer; Corey Morris

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