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How to Instantly Boost, Boost Your Confidence.

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( Confidence is what turns your thoughts into action. It is impossible to be successful without it because it is your belief that you can, that you’re worthy, and that you will ultimately succeed.  But sometimes, insecurities can get in the way of feeling confident. When that happens, there are a few shifts you can make to immediately boost your confidence:

  1. Open your arms. Sit up straight.

Before we dive into the quick shifts in thinking that boost your confidence, let’s start with one of the most basic techniques: Changing your body position. How you position your body sends 2016-Believe-in-Yourself-a signal to your brain about your state of mind. When you slump your shoulders or cross your arms, you are physically protecting your heart and shrinking to appear smaller and less threatening. So right now, roll your shoulders back and lift your chin – a physical signal of the courage to be seen and be bold.

  1. Get a small win.

Self-efficacy – your belief that you can accomplish your goal – can be built.  When your confidence wanes, identify a small goal you know you can achieve and do it. Small wins boost your confidence to go for bigger wins. So perhaps don’t focus on losing 30 pounds. Focus on the 30 minutes you’ll exercise today.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with the $10,000 in credit card debt you want to pay off. Instead, set a goal of paying off that $500 store credit card in the next two months.

  1. Own your flaws.

Confidence is largely about showing up fully. And you can’t show up fully when you are hiding who you are. So just who you are? You’re human. That means you’re imperfect. You’ve made mistakes. You’ve been embarrassed about some choices. But here’s what matters: You’re still here and you’ve made a decision to keep moving towards your dreams despite your imperfections. “Yeah, I messed up that project and I’ve learned a lot from it.” “No, I don’t have as much money in the bank as I’d hoped I’d have at this point in my life, but I’m done beating myself up, and I’ve started saving. Better late than never.” “Yes, I’m divorced and it’s hard, but I’m still believing for real love to come into my life.” It’s not easy, but it’s honest. It’s freedom. Own your flaws. Don’t hide them. Get comfortable with your own imperfections. When you do that, there’s no reason to hide. And people can’t use them against you. It’s a bold move that will free you to show up fully – just as you are.

  1. Drop the belief that you need to know all the answers.

One of the biggest thieves of confidence is the fear that we’ll be found out – that we won’t know the answer, won’t know how to “do” whatever it is we need to do. It can leave you constantly anxious that you’re about to be embarrassed or mess up. What if you simply dropped the belief that confidence is about knowing everything? What if instead confidence was about your ability to find the answer if you don’t already know it? With that new belief, the pressure to know everything instantly diminishes. Go into meetings and conversations with the attitude that you won’t fake what you don’t know. Be authentic. “I don’t know, for sure, but let me find out.”

My challenge to you:

Intentionally boost your confidence in an area where you feel insecure.

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