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Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate.

( A website is a great tool for any business. With the help of a website, you can make money and expand your business on a global stage. Of course, you need more than a site to achieve this goal, but a site is where it all starts. Before you realize your dream of global domination, though, you need the site to make plenty of conversions. If you don’t have conversions, you won’t be to make money and grow and expand. For anyone that struggles with their site, here are a few tips.

Perform An A/B Test

The first thing you need to try is an A/B test. An A/B test is where you give users two different options with regards to a particular page. The software directs fifty percent to one page and the rest to the other page. It then logs which page the users thought was the best or the most responsive. Once you have the results, you can use them to tweak your site so that it performs at an optimal level. The trick is to make subtle changes that you can implement. You might, for example, change the layout of a page or the headline. Then, it is much easier to see what is effective and what is ineffective. Also using a tool such as testRigor, can help one be more productive.

Make It Easier To Make A Conversion

Believe or not, your site might put people off making a conversion. The reason is that it is too hard or too much hard work to get from the start point to the end. A registration form is the best example. If there are too many boxes, a customer could decide not to make a purchase. The sight of the boxes and the implied effort is enough to make them go elsewhere. What you need to do is make sure that the scenario doesn’t happen. So, cut down the amount of effort by taking away boxes from the registration form. Also, place links throughout your site so they are only one click away from the checkout.

Review Your Reviews

Customers need a sense of trust before they make a conversion. And, the best place to find that is in the reviews. If the reviews aren’t any good, they aren’t going to trust you to follow through on your promises. After all, why would trust you over a fellow customer? With that in mind, you need to think about review management software. This software allows you to track your reviews and pick the ones that show you in a good light. Plus, it also allows you to respond to the reviews so that you can fight your corner.

Listen To Constructive Criticism

Customers make the conversions – it is that simple. As such, you should listen to them when they speak. They are the ones that you are trying to convince, so you should do everything to make them happy. Too many businesses are sensitive to criticism, and that is a problem. It means they can’t see their mistakes and fix them for the future. You are different because you are willing to listen to criticism and take action… hopefully!

Follow these tips and your conversion rate will go through the roof.

Staff Writer; Anthony Carson

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