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A Short Guide To Starting A Road Surfacing Company.

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( Like most construction type companies, a road surfacing company is a great idea. At the minute, there is a lack of quality roads, and people are always complaining about new surfacing. If you can perform a quality job at an affordable price, you might make a killing. The thing is that you need to start your company before you relay any surfaces. Without a company, you will never secure a contract and get the firm off the ground. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few pointers that will help.


The problem with most roads is that they are the property of the local authorities. For the most part, it is their job to look after the blackman-roadwork-2016roads and keep them in a good condition. So, you just can’t turn up and start laying asphalt without their permission. Well you can, but they won’t pay you a penny. To get one of these contracts, you have to play the game. You need to talk to people in the right positions that can make a case for hiring your company. With that in mind, try and get in touch with people that work with or for the local government. You can find networking tips at if you need inspiration. Remember that any friends you have are invaluable.

Heavy Machinery

Picture the scene: you talk to the right people and secure the deal, but you don’t have the tools. A surfacing company isn’t like any other company where you can source what you need in a day or two. Heavy machinery isn’t available at the local Wal-Mart, and you can’t just take the pickup truck and pick it all up. You need to invest the right tools, and you need to do it quickly. Some equipment can take weeks or months to arrive. If you get a job, you need to start as soon as possible, so it is essential that you have the machinery.

Traffic Signs

Any workers that work on live roads will need to a variety of traffic signs. Unless you get the night shift, there will be a lot of road users driving up and down and past the site. As you can’t shut down the roads, you have to funnel them through in a safe manner. To do that, you need traffic equipment that tells them what they need to do and when. For instance, a ‘wait here while the light is red’ sign won’t get lost in translation. All you have to do is check out sites like for more information. These sites have all the signage your business needs to complete the job.

Flexible Workers

Resurfacing a road isn’t like working a nine-to-five job. At times, you will have to work through the night or early in the morning. In truth, you will have to work whatever hours are necessary to do the job. As such, you will need to hire people that understand the role. Anyone that wants a comfy job where they can clock off at the same time isn’t the right candidate. They need to know that the job is volatile and that they will need to make sacrifices.

Hopefully, these four pointers will help you start a successful road surfacing firm.

Staff Writer; Nolan Freeman



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