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So You Need A New Computer? 5 Things To Consider Before You Buy.

( Computers are necessary household items these days. We can do so much on them! From shopping to studying, it seems like the ways they help us in life are endless. But considering how often we use them, many of us put little thought into buying a new one. We often just go for the best deal. If you need to buy a new model, consider these five points. They could help you buying a better computer than what you were going to get!

Laptop Or Desktop?

Do you need a laptop or desktop? To answer this, you need to think about how you will use your computer. If you will only use it at home, then you will be better off buying a desktop. However, if you want to take your laptop out and about with you, for instance to the office, a laptop will be better. Laptops are compact and lightweight, making them super portable. Some can even fit in briefcases, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Online Security

Your laptop or desktop will often be sold to you as part of a deal that includes various software and computer programs. Make sure that you are getting online security and virus protection as part of your deal. This can help you stay safe online. Computer Support can help you if you get a virus. But the best way to deal with viruses and to protect yourself against hackers? You should purchase some good online security programs with your new computer.


Some computer brands offer different warranties with their machines. If you want to be guaranteed a long warranty, you might have to shop around and see which brands are offering you the best deal. There may be room to negotiate on the warranty, so don’t be afraid to ask for a longer one.

Operating System

There are various types of operating system out there. Mac and Windows are two of the most common and popular. But there are even differences to choose between with each brand. Each one offers a regular home operating system, which is perfect if you just want your computer to do the basics. However, if you use your computer for work, you might be better off upgrading to a more professional operating system.


The peripherals on a computer differ from device to device. Wait, what’s a peripheral? They are the things that you plug into the machine, like a mouse and USB sticks. As each computer will have different plugs, you will need to think carefully about which peripherals you really need. Once you know, you can choose a machine that has all the required plugs. But if you buy a machine and don’t have enough sockets and plugs, don’t worry. You can buy an extension, but expect this to be fairly pricey.

Still confused about all the different computers on offer? The best way to make a decision is to visit your local store and speak to a shop assistant.

Staff Writer; Roy Newton

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