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How Young Is Too Young For Children To Learn?

( Babies and children are learning about the world around them from the moment they are born. A newborn will learn how to interpret key sounds and images to mean food, Mom, and Dad. Within just a couple of years, a small child will have learned to walk unaided, use the bathroom on their own, and to feed themselves. But the most effective period of a young child’s life for learning is between the ages of three and five.

These preschool years are perfect for learning to master speech. The vocabulary is boosted every day. Children this age can handle conversations, question the world around them and even read a few key words like their name. Every child will develop differently, at different speeds. Generally speaking, most children will be ready for the independent lives they will start as they reach school age.2016-blackdad-reading-kids_dad

But how young is too young to get them started on those early lessons? It depends on the child, the approach from the parent, and the level of distraction that might occur. Many children are exposed to music from birth. They hear it daily, and they may even try to sing along with nursery rhymes. This doesn’t mean they could pick up a musical instrument and play it, though. However, the age of four or five can be a good age to extend their exposure to instruments.

Reading is an essential skill to learn. From just a few weeks after birth, a baby’s eyes can make out and distinguish between different colors, shapes, and patterns. A two-year-old may be able to recite the alphabet song. And a four-year-old may be able to draw some of the letters too. If you’re hoping to get a headstart with your child, why not look at websites like Online resources are very handy, and so are preschooler apps.

Riding a bike is quite tricky for a child of any age. However, many toddlers and preschoolers love to ride around on and in different ride-on toys. These days, you can find different toys that will lead up to the traditional bicycle with training wheels. Balance bikes and wide-wheeled motorbike toys are great for this. Toddler scooters are also very popular. Anything that helps encourage an active lifestyle is great for kids. Balance and physical coordination will come on gradually.

Team sports like soccer and football may be beyond a tiny tot. However, the skills that go with the game are essential. Balance, aiming, kicking and running are important. Start with the very basics and the rest will likely follow. As for the social skills associated with team sports, these will also need developing. Interactions with other children on this level are not common before the age of four or five.

It’s never too early to start. However, it is essential new skills and ideas are stripped right back and introduced very slowly. Progress may be very slow, but every little helps. A child will learn best when the activities are fun and easy to achieve.

Staff Writer; Derek Page

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