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3 Genius Ways You Can Make Money Out Of Your Musical Talents!

(Akiit.comThe music industry is one of the biggest money makers in the world. I’m sure that you’re reading this because you’ve been told you have a talent. People are always saying you’re musically gifted, and should do something about it.

Well, this article will provide you with three genius ways you can make money out of your musical talents:

Offer Freelance Music Work

Whether you’re a singer, producer or writer, there’s scope for you to make money freelancing. Freelance music work is highly popular across various industries. Businesses may hire a writer to compose a jingle for their adverts. Similarly, they may need you to produce it and perform it too. Then, you have people that want to hire musicians for events and parties. There’s a ton of work you can do if you have musical talents.

Create And Sell CD’sblackmansinging-2016

An old school method of making money from music is by creating your own CDs. These days, things are made even easier thanks to all the recording tech out there. You can record an entire album, from the comfort of your home, in high-quality audio. Then, it only takes a few minutes to burn the album onto a disc. You can also find companies like Nationwide Disc that will duplicate your CD, so, you have more copies to sell. Design a great album cover, and you’re ready to make some money. The best place to sell these disks is at local music festivals, or online. Local music festivals are where you’ll find lots of people willing to support new and upcoming musicians. Selling them online is convenient, as you have a larger market reach.

Start A YouTube Channel

Anyone with knowledge of modern music will tell you that YouTube is an amazing platform. There have been countless stars born out of a channel on YouTube. If you start a channel, there’s the potential to make loads of money. For one, you can generate income from advertising revenue. This is how a lot of unsigned musicians make their money. In fact, some prefer to remain unsigned, because the money they make is so good. It frees them from the constraints of a record company, and they still earn a very good living. Secondly, the more popular you get, the more chance there is of gaining endorsements. You could get paid sponsorships to add to the advertising revenue you already bring in. Thirdly, there is every chance you get spotted by a major record label. Now, why some prefer to be unsigned, others don’t pass on the opportunity. Signing with a big record company means you can be a professional musician and get paid big bucks.

And, as a bonus, your YouTube channel can help with album and CD sales. So, combine this with the above idea, and you get even more out of it!

Try out any of these ideas if you have a passion for music. The great thing is, they can all be done part-time. So, test the waters by making some money on the side before committing to music full-time.

Staff Writer; Gary Mason

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