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Not Into Sports? Let’s Make Them More Interesting.

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(Akiit.comSports don’t appeal to everyone, and that’s a shame because there’s a lot to love. You get to keep fit, and if you’re competing, you’ll be able to see how you measure up to other athletes. Sports are also universally celebrated, particularly when it comes to international competitions. So, if you don’t see the appeal, you are missing out on quite a lot. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we know how to make sports a lot more interesting.

Pick A Team

Most people who don’t find sports interesting haven’t picked a team or an athlete to support. That’s part of what makes watching so much fun. You have an investment in who wins and who loses. You want your player to be the best; you want your team to claim victory. It easy to do this during an international event because you support your home country. Or, you support the country that you 2017black-man-horse-race_exclufeel closest too. Local sporting events are a little more difficult. Although, most people support the team in their hometown. For instance, if you’re from New York, you probably love the Knicks and the Yankees. Once you have a team, you become part of a social group, and this can be incredibly rewarding. You immediately have a strong sense of your identity. Particularly when you’re around fellow supporters.

Take A Bet

You might have seen people watching horse racing in a bar and wondered what the big deal was. It’s just horses being whipped by small men as they race as fast as they can. Anyone who is interested in horseracing probably has money on a horse to win. That’s virtually the only appeal. Unless you’re morbid and like NASCAR fans, are waiting for the inevitable crash. Horse betting is incredibly popular with both the poor and the wealthy. The difference is that the poor bet at bookies and the rich are actually at the tracks. If you pick the right horse with the best odds, you can win big.

Learn Some Basics

If you want to see the appeal of a sport you might want to take some lessons. Golf is a great example of this. People with no knowledge or skill playing golf hate the game. Usually, because they’re just not getting anywhere near the green. If they are, then they have one massive handicap. By learning some basics from a teacher you can enjoy the game more because you’ll be able to do it. You won’t just be guessing at how to swing correctly. You might even get the occasional birdie.

Join A Team

Even the most avid sports fans will admit that watching a game can be boring. Baseball can be incredibly slow to the point where nothing major happens for hours. Playing baseball, on the other hand. That’s a different matter. You’re constantly waiting for that perfect pitch, and it can be a lot of fun. To experience baseball you’ve got to get out on the field. That’s true for a lot of sports.

Staff Writer; Carla Purvis

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