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Addressing Your Hyprocrisy And Supporting Your Community.

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(Akiit.comThe community is shaped primarily by the people who live inside it. In fact, it’s shaped solely by them. So if you’re one of those who thinks of ‘the community’ as that other thing that interacts with you, stop it. You are the community. The way you act in everyday life shapes that. So, how do you build a better one?

Voting with your wallet

Studies say that black people are less likely to patronize businesses owned by other black people. If you’re doing that and still wondering why people from your community get a bad shake, you need to look long and hard at your own hypocrisy. Get out there and start supporting those in your community. The next time you need something done, look up the best black business directories and find someone who can do it for you. Internalized racism is a sad product of the society we live in today. Make your move in fighting it.

Speaking upExtended family sitting outdoors smiling

It’s not just a lack of support for black businesses that is hurting your community. It is the silence that so many respectable black people are pressured into every day. If you don’t speak up, things don’t change. Especially in the world of business. No-one deserves to be the target of abuse in the workplace. Yet so much prejudicial behavior goes under the radar. It’s time to start speaking out against it. Learn how to identify even the subtler forms of racism in the workplace. Even with friends, if they cross those boundaries, you have to let them know.

Passing on the values

You’re not just the community, yourself. Your children are also the community. Being a parent is the most important role that anyone will have. If you’re not doing your part to support your children and help shape them, you are failing your community. Talk to them. Learn about their aspirations. Teach them the value of respect, kindness and having values of their own. This is influenced just as much as your relationship with their mother. Even if you’re not with her, you need to show her the respect you want your sons to show the women in their life.

It’s not just about family

Fatherlessness is a huge problem in the world for kids of every race. It’s a problem that’s been a part of blackness in a lot of communities. It’s a problem that the right people stepping up can play a huge role in solving, as well. If you want to see a better future, then get involved with the people who are going to make it. Consider becoming a mentor to young black children who are in need of one. You might just be saving their life.

In businesses, families and relationships a community is made. Don’t turn your nose up and look to pastures that seem greener. Get ingrained. Be a supporter. Be a teacher. Be a voice that helps those in need. You are the community, so start acting like it.

Staff Writer; Terry Poole

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