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Why San Fran 49ers Colin Kaepernick Is A Fraud.

October 6, 2016 by  
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( I would like to remind you the members of The Daily Rant community why Colin Kaepernick and those who are now monkeying his disgraceful display of disrespect to the land you and I love. I wrote the following syndicated article December 13, 2005. I repost it for you today, to confront Kaepernick, et al, in their duplicitous ignorance. If these historically illiterate and morally opprobrious, boorish buffoons had a remote understanding of what and whom factually threatens blacks today they wouldn’t be showcasing their idiocy protesting a lie they are promoting.

I challenge Colin Kaepernick and those like him to donate their money to groups who are actually fighting to save the lives of blacks. I challenge them to read the following and tell America what they are going to do to confront the systematic extermination of children and black children specifically. Until and if they are willing to 2017-Colin-Kaepernick-The-49ersconfront the real people committed to killing blacks they should just shut up and pretend making spectacles of themselves in end zones is worthy of applause.


The Congressional Black Caucus in their desire to curry favor with their liberal handlers announced their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. While they are well within their right to oppose Mr. Alito, it is their amoral reasoning for same that exposes them for the dishonest, disloyal Iscariots they are.

CBC Chairman Mel Watt, D-N.C., the Benedict Arnold of black children said: “Alito’s opinion [are of concern] in race cases where his decisions have disproportionately affected African Americans;” (Congressional Black Caucus to oppose Alito; Jesse J. Holland; Associated Press; Dec. 7, 2005). Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., claims Alito presents “a special danger to people of color and to women.”

While these are scurrilous arguments (read: lies) – it is the truly disproportionate numbers and factually undeniable danger to women, specifically women of color, they willfully ignore that should make all American’s of conscience condemn them.

According to the 2004 U.S. Census population estimate, there are 294-plus million people in the United States. The afore-referenced are the most vocal of all 294 million when it comes to whining that America (and thus all non-black Americans) owes blacks special dispensation for everything from slavery to no change for the dryers at the corner Laundromat.

They complain that in a system of laws, blacks disproportionately go to jail … their being guilty of robbery, dope dealing, murder, rape and mayhem notwithstanding. According to them, the aforementioned is not sufficient to warrant black imprisonment, and if the jury, law enforcement officers or judge should be white, it supposedly proves their point After all, blacks only do these things because they are victims of slavery.

They argue the prison system is disproportionately destroying the black family and reducing the number of black males. In short, they play the disproportionate race card like a royal flush in a poker game. They even blame the president for God-driven natural disasters.

Allowing any of this was true in context, why do they not only ignore, but indeed support extreme liberals in the mass genocide of blacks? At the rate blacks are having abortions, intermarrying, serving multi-decade jail sentences and in general killing one another, their numbers will be reduced to insignificance by the next century. Consider the following:

According to the 1990 U.S. Census, blacks comprised 12.1 percent or approximately 29.9 million persons; whites 80.3 percent or approximately 199.6 million people; and Hispanics 9.0 percent or approximately 22.3 million people.

According to the 2000 census data, blacks represented 12.3 percent or 34.6 million people; whites 75.1 percent or 211.4 million; and Hispanics 12.5 percent or 35.3 million people.

Looking 95 years forward to 2100, blacks are projected to be at 13.0 percent or 74.3 million; whites are projected to be at 40.3 percent or 230.2 million; and Hispanics 33.3 percent or 190.3 million.

The alarming variable is these numbers are projected, based on trends that were consistent with the 1990 estimates base. They could very realistically be even more devastating since they do not include projecting mechanisms for abortion, birth control, crossovers, i.e., intermarrying. They only look at trends that directly affect population increase, i.e., births.

Factor in that black women comprised 12 percent of the female population yet had 36 percent of all abortions in 1999. Factor also that since 1973 the national black population has been reduced by over 25 percent directly attributable to abortion – a trend that shows no signs of leveling off and the magnitude of their treachery becomes unavoidable.

Mel Watt, Barack Obama, D-Ill., Eleanor Norton, the CBC, the NAACP and the Urban League have sold their souls to the very groups that are bent on their extermination and their ideological imprisonment. In selling their souls, they are selling out their people and the future of black Americans.

They feign contempt for Alito claiming he is a threat to blacks and women, when in reality the liberals they play the role of useful minstrels for are the threats.

A Supreme Court justice who faithfully interprets the Constitution is a threat to no one but anarchists and seditionists. The same cannot be said for those who willfully and knowingly sell their souls for less than Judas received, in order to sit at the Barmecidal table of their exterminators.

Columnist; Mychal Massie

Official website; http://mychal-massie.comc


2 Responses to “Why San Fran 49ers Colin Kaepernick Is A Fraud.”
  1. Dwayne says:

    Bullshit article written by somebody that truly doest understand anything about black people and what we are subject to on a daily basis. Having a problem with kaep exercising his rights means you have a problem with the amendment also.

  2. Jeremy says:

    “Dwayne says:
    October 6, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    Bullshit article written by somebody that truly doest understand anything about black people and what we are subject to on a daily basis. Having a problem with kaep exercising his rights means you have a problem with the amendment also.”

    Oh look, a race baiting moron.

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