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Keeping Your Employees Happy: Your Duty As An Employer.

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(Akiit.comBusinesses have a duty to their employees on many levels. What can you do to keep your employees happy? That is very much a loaded question because to keep them “happy” could be anything. Looking at it from an employee to employer viewpoint can be something as simple as making sure there are enough snacks in the vending machine. Or it can be something like keeping them enthusiastic about their job. There are some fundamental approaches you can take as their employer to make sure they are working with a feeling of sureness under your roof.  A culture of appreciation at work happens when people are valued as individuals and are recognized for their unique contributions and their impact on the business.

Be An Approachable Leader

Encouraging discussion and having an open door policy with your staff will go a long way to help communication between you and your employees. Communicating an idea or feeling to your superior freely is something a lot of people don’t feel they can do, for fear of wasting99black-man-meeting the boss’s time. Maybe it could be because the boss gives off a “don’t bother me” signal. Either way, it is because you aren’t making yourself approachable enough as a leader. Communication is such a vital tool in the workplace, between co-workers and between their boss. So, start to encourage people to come up to you with feedback or if they have a problem. It will go a long way to bring a sense of camaraderie to the workplace.

Providing For Their Future Long After They Finish Working For You

As time goes on, employees are concerned with when they can retire and are putting money into their pension to cover this. You can pay into their pension too; you can use companies like Nationwide Super to help with this. But also, offering employees offers of shares are another way to earn dedication from the staff. It shows in a little way that you are putting your faith in them as your employees. A lot of companies now offer shares and share schemes to their employees, so it might be time to do this too.

Create New Challenges

Sometimes a workforce is not a happy one because they are not challenged enough.  

Creative challenges for staff who are wanting to stretch their skills are an excellent way to maximize your workforce for a positive reason. There are always staff members wanting to progress, so you need to offer a challenge out to your workforce to see who will take it. Those people will work hard and dedicate themselves to the business, and you can reward them in the way they deserve. Promotions and incentives are what dedicated staff members work for. But dedication is the first quality you need to see in your staff.

Have A Fun Workplace

If you don’t have a fun workplace, how can you expect your staff to be productive? I’m not referring to having a party at 9 am every day, but you should want people to want to come to work. Creating a good atmosphere will have positive repercussions on productive people, and a happier environment.

Staff Writer; Harry Ford

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