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Open Letter To Black Voters…

November 6, 2016 by  
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( I am pleading with the African-American community to go to the polls in order to defeat Trump and save this country from internal chaos and international disgrace.

To my amazement, newscasts report that Trump could squeak into becoming president due to the lack of interest in voting by African-Americans.

Know this: Trump only became a candidate to avenge himself on the humorous drubbing President Obama gave him at the 2001 White House correspondents roast. You can watch the jokes and Trump’s reaction on Youtube. He was fuming. The ridicule was richly deserved considering that Trump spent years trying to de-legitimize President Obama by questioning his birth.

But Trump’s life revolves around greed and revenge and this presidential campaign is aimed at revenge. Revenge for jokes at a 2016blackvotersroast. If elected President, his children will take care of cashing in on their father’s position to satisfy the greed part of the equation, incidentally. Trump has no plan of putting his business interests in a blind trust as every other president has done. He is planning on profiting handsomely.

As his revenge, Trump has pledged to undo everything that President Obama accomplished during his terms in office. This would be possible to a great degree because President Obama was forced to do many things by executive order. This in turn was necessary because of the vow of congressional Republicans to not cooperate with him about anything and make sure his presidency failed.

So to get anything done, President Obama often resorted to executive orders. Those executive orders can be undone immediately by Trump as president. It will require no legislative action at all. He can just issue new executive orders.

He and his hard-core supporters and indeed most Republican legislators wish to show President Obama’s presidency was an aberration and a failure. So their first order of business will be to try to erase President Obama from history. Reversing the executive orders will largely do that.

Yet, Trump fears the African-American vote. As proof: he is calling upon his supporters to attempt voter intimidation at the polls to keep African-Americans from voting. Are you going to put up with that? Tears and blood were shed by generations to ensure your right to vote. Are you going to be intimidated or just not bother, after all that?

The Ku Klux Klan just endorsed Trump. The immediate question is what took them so long but the next question is: Are you going to just let that ride? Generations resisted the Klan and suffered horribly for doing so. Are you going to sit on your duff and not answer this endorsement?

There is talk of African-Americans feeling that they are being taken for granted by the Democratic Party. Well, vote and push it to victory. The African-American vote is key. Then you can demand that your voices be heeded.

I am sending this letter to the editor not only to be read here but in hopes that folks can also insert it into the all-important social media stream. Given that I am 71 years old and thus far have persistently ignored social media, I am not set up to do so myself. In fact I hope that this plea can be shared with other publications, read from pulpits and hung on bulletin boards. The writing might not be that great, but the message is about an existential threat to the country.

Please vote and get everyone you know to do the same. This is one of the most important things you will have done in your life. Democracy is fragile. Defend it. Trump doesn’t think much of it. He even wants to somehow change the first amendment so that he can sue people who criticize him and make even more money. He said so. Honest.

Staff Writer; Paul Thomas

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