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Roadside Woes, The Best Way To Handle Getting Pulled Over.

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(Akiit.comDealing with the police is rarely a pleasant experience, if ever. Especially if you see those lights on the road calling you over to the side. For a lot of people, bad experiences or perception of the police can color how they act and not always to the best of results. If you’re pulled over, take some time to yourself, collect your thoughts and think. Remember the advice we’re going to share, because it could help shape the consequences dramatically. These are lessons best shared with the younger people in your life, as well. They can be more vulnerable than you when it comes to the law.

Respond with courtesy and respect

It’s something that a lot of police officers have experience of being denied. If you act hostile or resistant towards them, even if you’re committing a crime, you’re skewing their judgment. That skewed judgment does not bode well for how they treat you. Know what to do as soon as you see those lights. Acknowledge the office by putting on your flashers, pull over, roll down the windows then wait there in copandblackmanthe car with your hands on the wheel. Keep your hands in sight at all times. Stay calm and, if you have to talk to them, then be respectful. If you don’t plan on fighting a ticket, keep answers short. Don’t look to justify yourself. Don’t rush the process and reach for anything before they ask you to, either.

Know your rights

If you are contesting the reason they’ve pulled you over, then it might be in your best interest to only say a few things. First, you are legally obligated to share your name, your license and your registration with them. Don’t fight them on that. However, you do have the right to remain silent. The best way to exercise that is to inform them of it. Simply say ‘I wish to remain silent’. Note that you don’t have to consent to a search at all. Police can’t do search on hunches. Even if they found something without the reasonable grounds to suspect you had it, they wouldn’t be able to use it.

Ask for your lawyer as soon as you can

If the worst comes to worst, then you have to ask for your lawyer as soon as you can. This will only be necessary if they make it clear that you’re under arrest. Remain calm, saying nothing but that request. Don’t ever think that there’s a situation where a lawyer can help you out. Even if you fail a breathalyzer test, you can get someone to help your DUI situation. There are errors with police equipment and procedures all the time. Losing hope and neglecting to ask for your lawyer puts you at the mercy of the legal system. Which isn’t always that merciful.

Always interact with the law with the utmost care. Even innocent people can get themselves in very bad situations. Even the best of law enforcement can react badly to people who aren’t behaving with the proper care. Most importantly, know your rights. Just because they have a badge doesn’t mean you have to do absolutely everything they tell you.

Staff Writer; Peter Love

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