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Leftist Desperation, Yes Bad Politics 101.

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( Among the more noteworthy (if not newsworthy) events taking place since the Nov. 8 election have included the political left telegraphing its intention to push back against President-Elect Donald Trump’s policies based on issues that were central to Trump’s campaign. This is excluding the editorializing of the establishment press and the prognostication of leftist pundits, which have already worked out in excruciating detail precisely how the nascent Trump administration is going to destroy our culture, economy, national security, and touch off World War III.

As I mentioned earlier, one such element was the renewed intention behind installing Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison, with his inflammatory rhetoric and ties to radical Islamist organizations, is certainly a controversial pick. As a Muslim, Ellison is unfit to hold any political office, since his allegiance to Islam will necessarily supersede his allegiance to the Constitution and this nation. Given that the left has mastered the art of minimizing its operatives’ political liability politicsokrelative to their subversive activities, however, all this is probably of minimal concern to them. Still, it does illustrate their audacity, and to some extent their desperation in the face of what Trump’s election portends.

A more prominent item on this list is the rededication of the left to their sacred convention of sanctuary cities. Since Trump was elected, officials in at least 18 liberal-controlled sanctuary cities have pledged to limit their cooperation with immigration officials. Last week, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pledged $1 million heretofore earmarked for property tax rebates to create a “Legal Protection Fund” for immigrants living in “anxiety and uncertainty” over fear of deportation since Trump’s election.

Barack Obama’s political crony and former bath house buddy further articulated his support for illegal immigrants in Chicago by announcing that city’s partnership with the National Immigration Justice Center and other organizations toward providing legal resources to illegal immigrants.

Those on the left are always very quick to cite the sanctity of local and state control relating to the law and public policy when it suits their needs; conversely, they’re quick to cite the ultimate authority of federal law in other circumstances. The term “states’ rights” has certainly become a dog whistle when the left employs it in attempts to ascribe racist intent to proposed voter registration measures, for example.

In the case of sanctuary cities, subversives in high places representing constituencies with significant numbers of those who sympathize with illegal immigrants for reasons of ideology or ethnic identification have been allowed to run roughshod over the law, as well as the rights of their remaining constituents to safety and security. Here, they point to their right to defy the law in the spirit of altruism, even as they compromise those very things that constitute a nation.

Sadly, like so many of the left’s ostensibly noble crusades, sanctuary cities are far less about altruism than they are about expanding their political power while degrading, debasing and destabilizing the city in question. In Chicago, Emanuel is at least consistent in this aspect: At the same time he conspicuously courts illegal immigrants, his policies have also worked to the marked detriment of Chicago’s black population, which continues to suffer under dramatically high rates of unemployment and violent crime. Ultimately, this will result in an entrenched, impoverished illegal alien population. With blacks in Chicago already resentful that these immigrants displaced them in terms of public policy, it is likely that they’ll wind up at each others’ throats, thus further destabilizing that city.

How curious it is that at every level one can quantify, the objectives of the left always involve degradation, debasement and destabilization of one sort or another.

Socialists like Rahm Emanuel never own the problems they cause, of course, perpetually laying the blame at the feet of their political opponents. The press works in concert with them, in this case perpetuating the belief among beleaguered black and illegal-immigrant factions that those on the left are their only benefactors.

A couple of things are important to take away from the left’s recent posturing over sanctuary cities. One: During this time of political upheaval resulting from Donald Trump’s election, the opportunity exists to widely expose the phenomenon of sanctuary cities for the scam that it is. In fact, by his actions, Trump himself is subtly setting the stage for the exposure of numerous counterfeit leftist-inspired conventions, whether the issue of sanctuary cities, or our government’s shameful policies relative to the nation of Taiwan.

The other: It is important to recognize that sanctuary cities did not come about by federal edict, or the statist overreach feared by so many conservatives and libertarians. They came about through the actions of local leftists operating from the ground up. It may be unlikely leftists can be completely extricated from territories they’ve long held, such as our major cities, but it is possible – and an imperative – that we attenuate the progress they’ve made elsewhere.

In innumerable American cities and towns that have not yet been wholly subjugated by the leftist machine, there are operatives at every level of prominence in the public and private sectors who are just as dedicated to socialist expansion and globalist ideology as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or George Soros, and every bit as deserving of being put to the flamethrower. Unfortunately, and at our peril, these have been largely ignored over the years, as concerned liberty-loving citizens focus their energies on defeating the high-profile, top-down threats to our republic.

This is a modality that must change if we are to counter the bottom-up threats that exist, and the “Trump Revolution” may provide just the motivation needed to engage citizens meaningfully at the grass-roots level.

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