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My fellow Christians.

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( As we take a deep breath and step into a new week, I would love to address the pain I feel not just for the country I live in, but for the church I’m married to.

I am a Christian. With all my being. My heart loves Jesus 100. And before I can speak to the chaos outside of the temple, I must share my hurt for the war on the inside.

You’ve heard It already, these last few days revealed the worst in a lot of us as Americans, but my shock is in the worst I’ve seen in those that claim to believe like I do. While we fight and argue about abortion and sexual orientation, we apparently forgot one of the greatest sins that God continuously acknowledges He hates: PRIDE.

Love CANNOT exist without truth, but truth CANNOT exist without love. But apparently love was told to stay out of the church mixchurchthis week. No offense but I’m not looking to the left or the right to be the torchbearers of God’s love, but to the church; HIS church. The ugliness revealed on social media and television from so called Christians on both sides should make us embarrassed to represent His name. Race and class should not have a seat on the front pew of God’s house.

Hate and bigotry should not be carrying a Bible and dressing up like a so called child of God. No wonder the world laughs at us, doesn’t respect us and can’t hear our voice in the public square. We’re tired, wack, racially divided and not as compassionate about the the baby after it’s born as we were in front of the abortion clinics. Where’s Jesus? Where’s the humility, where’s the grace and compassion. Disagree, but don’t destroy. When you know people are afraid, be like Christ and speak to their fear.

I know some of us, rightfully so are hurt, angry and afraid by the rhetoric spoken during this election, but again, my disappointment is in those that say they represent my father. If WE don’t speak out against injustice, who will?

If the body of Christ fails the world during these turbulent times, have mercy on our souls. Ask yourself “what am I doing to fix the problem, is there anything in me God that needs to change, use me to bring healing and honor back to your name.” And please remember: President-elect Donald Trump, God bless him, is not our source. GOD IS.

Dear Christian, when you see something, yet say nothing, you’ve said something.

Your brother,

Columnist; Kirk Franklin

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One Response to “My fellow Christians.”
  1. Teddy Hall says:

    Powerful message.
    We need to come together as a country.
    Remember there is only one race. UNITY indeed!!

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