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Make Sure Your Employees Have Amazing Breaks with This Guide.

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(Akiit.comGiving employees a chance to really switch their brains off and relax is one of the best ways to keep them productive. If you don’t get a good break when you’re at work, then your output is definitely affected in a negative way. It’s been proven time and time again!

So how can you help employees really enjoy their breaks? You could start by improving the break facilities in your office. Give some thought to these cool additions and suggestions!

Bean bag chairs

Can a modern office really call itself a modern office if it doesn’t have bean bag chairs? Despite being about half a century old, bean bag conferenceblackwomanchairs don’t seem to have lost one iota of their coolness. They’re basically the most comfortable thing you can sit on, making them amazing additions for office breaks rooms. Of course, many offices these days actually have bean bag chairs in the office proper for people to actually work on. Hey, comfort in business is pretty darn important!

Good coffee

The best breaks deserve the best coffee – and so do your employees! There are a lot of people out there who are happy to use freeze-dried, instant coffee to get their caffeine fix. But perhaps you should consider getting professional office coffee machines to ensure everyone can get the best coffee around? Of course, those who don’t like coffee can be placated with a refrigerator filled with soda. You don’t want to encourage people to drink too many sugary drinks, though. Get some quality filter coffee – it will also encourage employees to save money when they may have otherwise gone to Starbucks or somewhere similar on their break.

Board games

Never underestimate the power of board games. They may seem a bit too old-school for some people, but the best board games are incredible for providing sheer enjoyment and a feeling of community – which is precisely what you want to foster in your office break room! The problem with many great board games is that they usually last much longer than your usual office break will allow. But they could still make for great after-work activities.

Remote-controlled things

I can’t remember the last office I was in that didn’t have some kind of remote-controlled toy in it. (Though many of the guys in the office would give you a dirty look if you referred to them as “toys!”) From monster truck replicas to Rotor Copters, these things make for fantastic and very modern additions to the office. Just make sure people don’t start using them outside of break hours – they can get pretty darn distracting for the other employees!

Video games

Now we’re talking!” I hear some of you say. Once upon a time, gaming was seen as something only the very nerdy among us engaged in. These days, it seems that most of the population seems to enjoy the odd game or two! Like board games, they can be really good at fostering a sense of community. They’re also one of the best ways to blow off some steam, too, which is exactly what a lot of people need when they’re on break at the office.

Staff Writer; Harry Love

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