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Guilty Habits: Overcoming Addiction One Step at a Time.

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(Akiit.comAddictions can quickly develop into mental health issues or cause problems that affect not only us but the people around us as well. Whether it’s an addiction to tobacco, sex, gambling, video games or even books, there are small steps you can take to overcome your addiction. You might fail a few times but that’s perfectly normal. The average person takes several tries before they can quit smoking, and that’s one of the most difficult addictions to break.

Speak with someone

It doesn’t matter who they are as long as you trust them with your information. In fact, it can sometimes be beneficial to speak with complete strangers on the internet or consult anonymous communities if you need to speak with someone about your problems. Don’t assume that your problem is unique or that you need to find a specific professional to help with your problems.

Sometimes, all it takes is a brief talk with someone with a different opinion to your own to make you realise and admit that you have a problem. No matter what you’re addicted to, there’s probably someone in the world that shares your same problem, and there’s definitely people that once had the same problems as you but have now broken free of their problems.

Look online, find contact numbers and speak out. Always seek assistance and make sure you listen to people with an open mind. There are many services such as detox at Beachside Rehab that can assist you in breaking your habits and overcoming your addiction.

Making positive promises

Addictions often lead to negative effects on your life. For example, you might feel that you have less money to spend on luxuries because the majority of your money is going into your addiction. You also might feel like you have less freedom because your addiction to video games is preventing you from meeting up with friends and going out with them.

Make a list of positive changes you want to make to your life. For example, something as simple as “spending more time with my family” is a great start. You want to feel proud of your accomplishments, and you want to feel like you’re making progress in overcoming the negative aspects of your life one step at a time.

Take it slow

Overcoming addiction isn’t an overnight choice. It happens over a long period of time and as a result, you can’t completely cut out the things you’re addicted to.

The first step is to cut down. If you’re smoking five cigarettes a day, then cut down to four, then three, and keep going. In addition, you might also want to cut down on situations or outings that promote your bad habit. For example, if you go out on a regular basis to pubs or clubs with your friends, then you might want to reconsider and stay at home instead. The social environment might tempt you to smoke or drink, which is something you want to avoid. Politely tell your friends of your intent, and they should understand your situation.

Staff Writer; Keith Hall

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