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Private Policing: a Viable Business?

(Akiit.comPrivate policing is an industry that has been booming over the past couple of years due to the cuts that police forces around the world are receiving, making official police work a somewhat unfulfilling task that isn’t paid enough. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the world has been in a constant state of fear due to the threat of global terrorism. International feuds and instability has led to many terror attacks over the past couple of years and more people are relying on private security firms in order to secure their well-being.

This is why private policing has become a somewhat viable business opportunity for those with a lot of money and influence. It’s an expensive industry that relies heavily on mercenary types or ex-police officers that are looking for a better-paid job. But what exactly goes into a private security firm? Let’s find out.


Let’s not beat around the bush; a private security firm is going to need a lot of guns. There are far too many rules and regulations regarding gun control to go through in a single article, but the general idea is that you’re going to need to contact a lot of people and it will take a very long time to get all the necessary licenses in order to possess a large store of firearms and you will need to regulate who these weapons are given to. Depending on the location of where you start your private security firm, you could also ask your employees to bring their own weapons, but there are many different requirements and regulations involving firearms, so it’s best to do your research and speak to a professional if you’re serious about it.

In addition to weapons, you’re also going to need vehicles. For instance, if you plan to patrol someone’s property or escort a VIP, then you’re going to need bulletproof vehicles and warning lights for emergency vehicles. It’s incredibly important that you hire a specialist that knows a lot about military standards and practices, but this is just a general idea of the type of equipment you will need to successfully run a private security firm.


You need to have a fantastic reputation before you even start a private security firm if you want to become relevant. You need to have a strong portfolio of previous experience that involves security and you’re going to need a lot of military or police contacts if you want to get a good start. Your educational background and your qualifications are also going to make a huge impact on what you are capable of. For instance, no one is going to pay attention to you if you’re rich but you have absolutely no idea how to operate a security firm, let alone handguns out to mercenaries that are expected to protect VIP clients.

A private security firm isn’t a startup idea, it’s an end-game goal that has to be reached by starting up multiple security firms and by building up a reputation. However, as the world trembles in terror due to the increased amount of terrorists threats and warnings from various groups, rich individuals are willing to pay large sums of money for their safety.

Staff Writer; Steve Moore

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